Friday, May 16, 2014

Cobaanii Retro Classroom w Accessories!

Since receiving the office desk and chairs set, I was able to set up and take photos of the Retro Classroom in its mostly completed glory! I first got the classroom set in a previous post here! Along with the accessories here...

Photo spammage warning...LOL!
 I made the classroom more like a High School class setting. I remembered the good ole' days of my teaching career and got some clip art of geography maps, English Literature posters and I also added a Japanese Character Chart! These were all printed and then taped over to create a poster-like look to them...
I previously tried to write on the chalkboard itself using a white color pencil, but that didn't work, so I will have to wait til' I can get some chalk or white paint, but I don't think I want something permanent...hmmm?!

 Above, I decided to try placing a 1/12 scale figure I have...
Below, is actually an earlier photo prior to getting the office desk. I wanted to show that Shiori loves art and often doodles, in this case she was working on some charcoal art...
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Oh wow, this looks so great!!!!

    1. HI Dear Heather! Thank you dear. I was truly fun to put this one together, and reminisce of my old teaching days!! hugs, gg