Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cobaanii Showa Era Classroom and Extra!

I decided to spend a bit more and got myself this amazing 1/12 scale Showa/Retro Era classroom kit made by Cobaanii through Hobby Search. These amazing kits are made of wood and are laser cut to be glued and put together by you!! Fun!

Of course this is not the first kit I've purchased, if you recall I bought the garden set here. I decided to get a classroom kit for the cute 1/12 scale desks I have!

 So, I figured I'd also add this cute outfit,( at the bottom of the post) since it was still available!
 There are two types that were restocked thru Hobby Search. The more modern version seems more Elementary in style than this one, with its colors and tile floors. At least with the set I got, you could use it for a High School Classroom setting or an Elementary, etc.
 After opening the kit, it can seem overwhelming, but as I looked thru the parts... I realize that the instructions to it are not as scary as I thought. So, I started off with part I. You will need a type of Tacky glue. I had a similar brand with me, Loctite STIK'N Seal, indoor adhesive, transparent.
 Luckily, the bottom half of the instructions also shows you the numbers for each part. Whew!
 Even with the instructions being in Japanese, its fairly easy to assemble as long as you follow the diagrams. Thank goodness for them! In less than 3 hours, I had completed the classroom. When Taby got home from school I had her make the PA speaker. She loves these types of kits as much as I do!
 Above, the completed classroom. It was so much fun to put together! Now, to add furniture, other miniatures etc. Next, will be a photo shoot using the set!! Hopefully soon! LOL!
This cute azone fashion was restocked, had to add it to my other purchase!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Seriously... you find the COOLEST stuff!!!!

    1. Hi dear Heather! You are too cute^_~ Thanks, I try too, but sometimes its from seeing others cool stuff on flickr!! Many hugs, gg

  2. The classroom in 1/12 scale is so cute! The picco neemo Himeno that just came out is wearing a school girl outfit which would match well!

    1. Hi, So true! thanks for the tip! Many hugs for your lovely thoughts, gg