Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hasegawa Hobby Model Office Desk and Student Desk Kits!

In the mail today! These amazing Hasegawa Hobby plastic model kits 1/12 scale office desk and student desks arrived to me from Hobby Search! I had actually ordered them thru AmiAmi, but sadly they were a pre-order and took forever to get sent out. So, I ended up buying these thru Hobby Search and they came in so quickly! Not sure if I mentioned, but the office desk you see below is the very same office desk my daughter and I saw at the Akihabara Store! When I think of it, I wish I had bought it then, when I saw it!! Ugh...oh well...
 Above, the student desk set comes with three desks and chairs. I decided to give the student desks to Taby, since I already have this set here also by Hasegawa Hobby Models!
 I opened the office desk set and started to put it together. It was quite easy, with some sections being a bit of a challenge. But in the end, the office desk and chair look amazing below!
 I can't wait to use it in the Cobaanii Classroom soon!! Photo shoot next!!
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