Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Miner's Rooms In Miniature Part II

Today, I had more natural light to set up and take photos of the set as completed. If you need to get caught up with what I am talking about click here, for my Part I post! Having most of the original pieces for the set just about completes my living room set of the collection... I must admit having the original wall panels makes a lot of difference. The boards I used before were heavier in material, these original wall panels are a lot lighter made of thick cardboard, and can be easily bent, ripped or dented. So, I have to be extra careful when using them.
I still had the same problem as with the copy walls, placing the pegs and wall supports weren't any easier...I had to hold the top frame in place with one hand, while the other slowly put in the supports. It can be challenging. I wonder how kids back in the 60s fared with putting the supports in place?!
I did a simple look, as shown of the photo on the box. The painting has a hard time staying in place, so I used some putty. Still, the set looks amazing and I am very pleased with the turn out.
 The left side...above.
 The right side.
 Top view.
 I also took photos of the acrylic panels in place. Very nice, now, if only I could place this set on a shelf so that I could look and admire it....hmmm. Then, again, I'm a stickler about dust and can't stand when my things get dusty...ugh! So back into your box for safe keeping! LOL

I had to take a shot of Chii in the set. She looks a bit out of place, but cute all the same for being in this amazing piece of 1960s toy history!!
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