Saturday, May 10, 2014

Modella Dollhouse Furniture!

I received this lovely set of Modella Germany dollhouse living room furniture I purchased thru etsy! I've always wanted to get a set from German ebay auctions, but sadly, most will not send Stateside or they cost too much! So, finding this lovely set from Doll Enthousiast Home etsy shop was to good to be true. This shop often sells amazingly put together dollhouse vintage furniture with a lot of extras and I'm so glad I finally was able to get one from Lussy's shop!
 The set arrived safely to me and fast! I was expecting it to take at least a month to arrive, but believe it or not, it arrived to me in less than two weeks! Whoa! Above, I was even given a little vintage miniature radio for my purchase, how awesome! Also, you can see the fruits and basket bowl that were extras in the purchase! Along with two coffee mugs and an area rug! The original listing is here!
 In 1/12 scale, I can't wait to use it in my Hafner & Krullman Bungalow soon! It may not be a complete set, or it might be a mix and match of furniture? But I'm still happy to have this style of sofa and matching chairs! I've been wanting a set similar to this for some time!!
 Next, I purchased thru ebay this vintage German dollhouse lamp above and below. I figure it would be very cute, in my set up of the scarlet dresser here! Now, it will look a lot like a retro era time in a little girls room in Japan! Can't wait to take pics!!

Then, I was able to snag a Nico-Labo small breast body thru Yahoo Japan. I have yet to decide what to use it with, but it is often advertised to go great with Figma limbs. We will see... It almost reminds me of a 1/12 scale ABJD!! Hmmm, I wonder if my skills of body blushing are still there!! LOL!

 This weekend, I was also able to stop by our local 100yen shop. Only because there was a big sign outside saying, "New Arrivals", I couldn't help but check it out!! I found this cute pink bobby pin case with bobby pins. The case is just too adorable with its "Swan Princess" theme...I may use it to hold tiny treasures instead of bobby pins...
 And I finally did some spring cleaning from some small containers I have, and hope to put up some cute items I got some time ago also from the 100yen shop in my shop on etsy!! Below, a bling Deer sticker to add to your cell phone or smart phone gadgets! Such a cute sticker!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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