Thursday, March 24, 2016


Just some random things going on as of late...

It's Easter Break, but I've been so busy with my Mother In-law's website. I've been hired to update and redesign it. So, it's been really fun, but I've also been neglecting my shop and other endeavors...ugh. So, I hope to share some good news of my own soon. So keep checking back.

 I found this last week with the girls at Tokyo Mart. We decided to stop by. I've never seen this snack before and had to buy one just to check it out?! I looked at the English label sticker, and it just says chocolate, chocolate. What? I'm guessing from the photo it is chocolate hot cocoa?! Correct me someone? LOL.
 Still it looks so yummy! I opened the packaging, and above is what it looks like. Below, you have to push the bottom of the packaging to pop the chocolate out.
 It's like a lather of hot cocoa on top of chocolate! It was very smooth, creamy on your tongue and tasty. Just like all Glico Caplico's Yummy!

Then, I decided to redress Arnval below right in the Azone picco neemo fashion that was released last month. She is so cute in it too! I also played around with Oike on the right... It was fun to use the fabric I got from the 100yen store to use as backgrounds in my photos along with all the cute tiny miniatures and toys I have.

 Speaking of 100yen store, I got more fabric and some black elastic below.

Then, this cutie arrived in the mail the other day!
 A very tiny ceramic deer, I found via etsy from a seller here. It will be awesome in a tiny dollhouse or doll room scene! I can't wait to try it...

 The seller sent it out and I was very surprise that it arrived to me so quickly. I just ordered it last week!

Speaking of fast shipping, below, I ordered the OG Loft to Love Dollhouse through and mind you, this was also last week, But it came lightening fast. Shipping for it was super cheap too?! Whaaaat! I received it just yesterday. I'm loving Target! Yay.
The dollhouse above. I hope to showcase more soon. I checked a few of my fellow dollhouse collectors and they shared theirs here and here! It came in a huge box, with a lot of bubble bags. So far it looks like there is no damage to it from shipment. More on this soon.

Thank you for reading the randomness! ~ ggsdolls

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