Thursday, September 1, 2016

Lots of Goods for My Etsy Shop!

Here's what will be listed in my shop later today...

All these goodies are from Yahoo Japan and Japan website!

Below, I won another Tan Soft Vinyl Baby dolls in their original boxes.
 This cutie with a phone and this baby, that I am so tempted to keep. Both dolls are nice and mint, their boxes is another story. LOL

I was able to get my friend to order this lovely vintage ceramic bunny couple from a website. Sadly, in the mail, the bunny got a part of his ear knicked and I had to reglue the top left portion. Still they are a lovely couple and will be so cute on a shelf or desk!

I then, won a Lot auction with about over 20 items... each will be added to my shop also!
 Bunny and Chipmunk thermos. A Sanrio Kerroppi Character doll.
 This lovely mod container to hold stuff with...
 A pair of Car mugs.
 Two chopstick holders, one with the cute "Three Little Pigs" characters on it...
 ...and a floral girlie one.
 Three anime TV character chopsticks. I believe, "Candy Candy",
 I'm not quite sure who this character is...
 ... and the Iron Giant.
 Vintage floral cup with lid.

 Anime coloring book, and a "New Stand" pick holder with box.
 This one below I may keep?? Rune Naito tall cup or is it a wine cup? Haha.
Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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