Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Busy Creating and Online Finds!

I've had a few ideas rolling around in my head, that recently were completed. Little did I realize that they were of a similar theme, until I stepped back and looked at what I've done. Haha.

I bought this cute jar of shells and blue sea glass from ROSS last weekend. Sorry no before photo. It had a lovely 'Ocean Breeze' scent as well. I took out the shells and sea glass and decided to create a little terrarium of sorts with somethings added to it. I found my artificial seaweed in storage and took Charlotte my hybrid Konami mermaid figure and put her inside... Now, I have a little mermaid in a bottle!

 Then, I ordered some Fushia glass beads from etsy last week and waited for them to arrive. I had these lovely white flower cabs and decided to create something with them...
 I made some Marina flower pearl hair clips! What do you think?

 Definitely themed to Toei Animation, "The Little Mermaid". Don't you think? LOL
 Earlier this month, I ordered these 1/6 made white doll ballet shoes from ebay. I wanted to check if they could fit Francine. They do! They can also fit Cherry Chan! Yay!
 From Amiami, I ordered Azone Pure Neemo M bra and panties set for Cherry chan. She fits them nicely don't you think so?

 I added a white bow and Kikipop bloomers, along with a blue ribbon choker necklace to match.

I also found this lovely vintage Macoto 'Selena' pencil case in red. Surprised that no one else had snatched it up. I will add it to my shop soon!
 In lovely condition for its age. Needs some cleaning but otherwise adorable.
 I love the pink gingham lining inside where you place your pencils.

 Macoto Takahashi's art is dreamy!

Last online find to arrive, is this vintage 1950s pink plush baby musical bunny from etsy! I will definitely call her Wiesje, she looks like a pink version of her! Don't you think so?
 A musical doll too, she has her wind up key at the back, with markings, "Swisstone Music". When winded she plays "Cradle Song", and her head moves to the music! Just adorable.

I will upload the video in the next post, after I shorten it. Since blogger won't let me upload it because the file is too large. LOL

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls