Thursday, August 9, 2018

More Creations!!

I recently finished another cute mini bear, this time a panda!
I wanted to see if I could make one, and the only difference was adding the dark circles on the eyes, and of course mapping out the colors. He turned out so cute and sweet. I've already added him to my shop! I hope to make more and in more colors soon!

 I bought this cutie via IG, and the sweet fellow collector friend also added a few vintage goodies as a gift! Awww, thank you dear!! He is a vintage squeak bear made in Japan. He is small about 9" tall. I was expecting him to be larger. Still he has movable arms and legs so you can sit him in a pose or stand him up. Sadly, his squeaker doesn't work, but still has original tag with "made in Japan" at the back and the tag on front. He will be added to my growing plush collection!

 Last is this cutie, I found her via Ebay! She was having a bad hair day, so I put it into a bun, and touched up her bathing suit along with her eyes. She sits at about 3 inches tall. I've seen other like her before, most are very worn on their paint. So it was nice to find this one in the condition it is. A bit shocking actually. Haha. She still has her original sticker, "Napco", "C-7969".

I took a pic of her beside my teeny tiny figurine girl, just to show comparison of the two. Both beach babes. LOL

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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