Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Teenie Tiny Figurine!

I recently found, literally, the smallest figurine in my collection!! I've seen many miniature ceramic figurines from Japan, but this one, just takes the cake!!
 I found her just last week via etsy. I had her in my faves for a few days, then caved and bought her and when she arrived, I must say she is totally worth it!! She came in a First Class envelope and I was sure she was crushed, or chipped... But, to my surprise, the seller had shipped her in a tiny Tupperware. I mean this Tupperware was tiny?! I didn't expect her to be even tinier?! Haha. Upon inspection, she stands about 1 3/4 inches tall, has long blonde hair, and only wearing her undies. Her eyes are fully black with no irises painted on. Which make them seem to look deep into your soul or seem soul-less. A bit scary, but I love it! She has her original stamp, "made in Japan" and the numbers, "229" underneath.

 I think she is like an imp or pixie perhaps? If any one has more info. I'd love to know? I've seen something similar to her before, but I'm not sure, since I don't keep reference photos much anymore. I did add a black bow on her head. Her hair reminds me of the style of the late 1960s. She's quite unique and will live amongst my other unique curiosities... We went outside for a quick photo shoot before it got dark!

 Just a quick pic of my little bear asleep... Then, I made another retro mini bear. I hope to make a few more to add to my shop soon!

 I will try to make a panda too...

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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