Saturday, June 15, 2019

Anthropomorphic Finds!!

For some, you are probably wondering what the heck does that mean, for others, your like, oh yeah, okay! Well, Anthropomorphic means according to the Dictionary - relating to or characterized by anthropomorphism or having human characteristics. So basically, I found some cute things with human-like features and here they are...
I received this pastel colored kitty planter with blue daisy. I've already listed him in my shop. But, I may instead add some fur to him. He just seems so plain and I noticed he's a bit awkward to me. He comes with his original Relpo made in Japan sticker, and in lovely condition too. I've even added a pink ribbon to him. I fell for his pastel colors. Haha!

 Next, this awesome and a bit freakishly weird bear? I want to say or is it a mouse? I'm just in love with it!! A vintage ceramic plaid bear with bows wall pocket. I could've sworn I've seen him before... but just can't recall where? Ugh. I believe there is a pair, because generally they come in 2s. I spotted her via Etsy, and she was a there a few days with no takers. So, I adopted her and she arrived so quickly and safely too. Now, to try to find her partner...

 Last, this lovely Swimmer Brand Cinderella Glass Shoe ring holder. I saw it a few weeks ago too. But then, decided to get it. I love the glass slipper look and I could use to hold some vintage toy rings also! Have a beautiful Father's Day Weekend Y'all!!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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