Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Wonderful World of Nursery Kitsch!!

I wanted to do something a bit different from my usual posts. This time, I wanted to talk with you about the latest trend in vintage collecting... "Vintage Nursery Kitsch!" It's actually been around a few years now, but it's taking instagram by storm! I'm talking about the cheap nursery decor of the 50s through 70s, ceramics, dolls, toys, etc. Melanie Martinez is into it, and you can see it in her music videos, especially the latest one, "Madhatter", with Rushton type friends she interacts with.

I noticed it when I first signed up with instagram. Now, more and more of the collector friends I follow, and collect with, the more and more I see this trend in their collections too. Sadly, this vintage stuff ain't cheap, how odd is that, 'kitsch' isn't cheap these days!! Haha. 

It's like walking into their room, and all their decor is in pastel colors of blue, pink or yellow, or not, but still showing lovely, vintage ceramic nursery planters, figurines and decor. It's simply hard to resist. Since being on IG, my bedroom space is all pink and blue pastel with a lot of nursery decor in it too! LOL I'm also, absolutely smitten with Rushton Toy Company stuffed animals, along with Gund, My Toy, Knickerbocker and others!

Kitsch decor: Meyercord decals, come to mind, often sweet fuzzy bunnies, bears, ducks, etc. One can't resist, this on their walls, vintage doll cabinets, closets, and chairs. Ceramic planters, figurines with big eyes, and the like, of lambs, bears, cats, puppies, etc.
Kitsch Art: Big eyed waifs is another must, adding a lost little girl or boy, with Margaret Keane's style big eyes. Just as she said it, "The eyes are the windows to the soul." Beautiful boys and girls from Mojer, Lee, and Eden, just to name a few.

Kitsch Dolls and Toys: Rushton Toy company, bunnies, lamb, 'Chubby Tubby' bear, baby chicks, squeaks by Edward Mobley, Iwai, Ninohira, Woodland dolls, and more.
Even in Japan, the collectors there do the same, as well as in South Korea! It's nice to see what others collect and how the vintage things they find, makes each of us want something similar to decorate our spaces with. Well, for however long this trend lasts. I say enjoy it and decorate your favorite space, as much as you want! Like my sister always reminds me, "We only live once, we might as well enjoy it!" So true Lita, so true!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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