Monday, November 9, 2020

A Trade and More Online Finds...

 It has been a crazy week and weekend since the election. Just like you all Stateside, we've been on pins and needles here patiently waiting for confirmation that we have a new President and Vice President... By Sunday, Guam time we heard the news that Biden and Harris won. It was a tearful day. There is hope after all!!

I had received a few items on Saturday and then today a few more...

On IG, a dear fellow collector and Etsy shop owner, was going to sell her adorable large posedoll. I immediately messaged her asking if she wanted to trade? At first, I was reluctant to trade, only because the item I was trading for was, a rare item itself. Still, I wanted her cutie, even though I knew I'd miss my girl... But, at least she will be loved and not stored away. So, this beauty arrived safely to me. She is even more gorgeous in person too! She is possibly 1950s or 40s, from her hairstyle, and with a stockinette body, she is jointed at the legs. She wears, a pattern gingham blue and white dress with a sailor collar and white bow. She holds some white fabric flowers in one hand and the hem of her dress in the other. You can stand her up slightly or seat her. She has a lovely fabric bow in her golden brown curls. She is a large about 19 inches tall.

I also found this lovely vtg Easter plush bunny in amazing condition. No tag, sadly. But she is all original and I love her colors too! She didn't have the satin ears, I normally like, but she looks so cute with her pastel purple bow! No cleaning needed or repairs, practically new old stock! Yippee! I believe she is the later version of the satin long eared bunny variety. Because she has a pompom nose instead of the X mouth and nose. I also took a pic of her with the first blue bunny I repaired below...

Next, I found this unusual Holiday Fair large ornament doll from Ebay! She still has her tag. I fell in love with her blonde braids and freckled face. She reminds me of a character from a Rankin/Bass film from the 60s. She will look great on our Christmas tree this year too! I believe she is bendable at the arms and legs. I will have to play with her to see... Then, I was able to win these two sweet Miumoe handmade miniature plush jointed bears from Japan. The artist on IG named "SweetMiumoe" made them. They are jointed at the arms and legs and a great size for your Licca, Blythe, Cherry Chan or Barbie size dolls. I will keep one and sell the other in my Etsy shop.

I found this lovely pink dollhouse wood curio shelf, that will be great for tiny miniatures I want to display. I hope to have it up and displaying some cute things soon. Definitely cheaper then most curio shelves that are vintage. On Ebay, I also found this rare Barrette Holder made in Taiwan. Again, a girl with lovely red hair and a freckled face with braids. I couldn't resist! I will be able to display my vintage hair clip collection with her too! Yay!

Next, I also bought this vtg sketch bag from Japan with lovely posedolls and furry dogs on it. In great condition with the exception of the one handle being cracked at the vinyl. I am trying to see if I can fix it. Inside, same format as other sketch bags I have found, places for your sketch book, drawing pencils, notebooks, and paper. I simply love the graphics of the bag on the front. Reminds me of past times and the era of quality made goods... Ahhh, beautiful! Then, I found this lovely vtg Happy Birthday Musical Cake stand!! I've seen them twice before and this one was at a nice price. No batteries needed, you simply twist the plate on top and pull the gold knob on the side, and Ta Da! It plays while rotating too! So cute along with the graphics of a boy and circus animals. What a great birthday stand!!

Last, I wanted to share, that I took these vtg dolly perfume bottle from a Kiddle clone and put in my Twinkle Princess miniature dolls inside. They look so cute and lovely with the artificial flowers inside too! I also added some sheer ribbons... Helps make you forget all the crazy stuff happening in our world and the election... Haha!

Stay safe and well my friends!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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