Saturday, September 4, 2021

On The Mend...


Thank you all for the well-wishes and prayers. I truly appreciate them. This breast cancer journey has brought me some interesting experiences. In the end, I am very fortunate the cancer was found and removed. Here is how my journey went that morning...

We left the house early, about 7am, because my surgery was moved up an hour earlier. This was the rainbow we saw on the drive up to the Guam Radiology Center. I had to go there first to have pins put in to show my surgeon where to take out the cancerous tissue from my right breast. When we got there it was early and I was taken into a Mammogram x-ray room. They used this device to pinpoint the area. I had just local anesthesia put in and the wires were placed. This is the wall decorated by other cancer survivors, by the waiting area. It gave me some hope, seeing this. God definitely sent many signs of hope to me, that morning.

Afterwards, my husband drove me to GRMC, our newer hospital and the place where my actual surgery would be done. I checked in and upon admissions, was taken to get undressed and put on the lovely attire for surgery... Sam could not stay and wait for me because of COVID protocols. So, he waited for me at our friend's apt. with our daughters.

After being told to take off everything and put on a gown, booties, head cap. I was walked into the area to wait for my surgeon. IV was put in and all the necessary vitals taken. I met all the important people that would be handling my procedure. My anesthesiologist, John, Wilton the nurse who put in my IV. Nurse Sarah, just to name a few. At least, those I remembered the names of. LOL It felt like I was in some hospital in the States. There were 2 local nurses in my team. It was quite a long wait actually. When I was ready for the OR, they wheeled my bed in. I couldn't help but feel like I was in one of those movies, where, the actor was being rushed in because of some life-saving surgery. LOL My mind was like, I should take video of this moment! We were allowed to keep our phones with us! Haha! No, I didn't take any video of it. LOL
I was greeted by an awesome OR staff of people. Each of them were so kind and very helpful if I had any questions. I was given the gas mask and told to take deep breathes. In the process, I was wearing a United Airlines face mask and the only female nurse asked if I worked for United. We made the connection and found out that both our husbands work the same shift and department. She was so kind and held my hand and told me she would take great care of me, they all would. After my third deep breath I was out!

The last thing I remember, is being woken up by the recovery nurse Laura, because my blood pressure was too low. Slowly, she chimed in every 2 or 3 minutes asking if I could hear her as she raised my head side of the bed up. She asked if my husband was close by, I nodded. By about 2:55pm, Sam and the girls were downstairs and ready to pick me up. I was dressed and wheeled out. Finding out, that Nurse Laura's husband was an airline Pilot for United as well!! Haha! She spoke with Sam about that for a bit. I was given my prescriptions and we left.

I didn't feel too much pain, mostly light throbs. My Doctor had made two incisions, one just below my breast, and the other by my armpit. So far so good, is what I was told. Now, a follow up appointment will be needed.

Now, I guess I can say I am a breast cancer survivor.

Enjoy your weekend and thank you all again for your prayers. I truly appreciate you all.

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Gigi, I'm so glad your surgery is over and that it wasn't a bad experience. It sounds much like my experience - I had the wire placement, with no pain, and wonderful attendants and nurses. I'm sending you (not too tight) hugs!

    1. Hello dear Steph, aww, thank you and for sharing that with me. Sending you hugs as well dear, Gigi