Tuesday, September 14, 2021

On a Roll...

 I have been on somewhat of a roll the past few weeks... I've found so many rare kitsch cuties, I am a little freaked out!! Here's what I mean...

The Edward Mobley Rajah I found, and the red Fur Kitty too in my last post here!! A few others that haven't arrived as yet...

Now, I found a Lapin con bank that a few of my fellow collector friends have shared a few years now, and I don't often see them. They have mostly been found out in the wild by them. But, recently, I found one and it is an awesome feeling to finally be able too as well!! Yay me!! She is in amazing condition, and is a bit smaller then the versions I've located in France or Japan. The thing is this one is made in Taiwan! But, looks so much like the others and is well made also! She is a coin bank and just too cute!!

I also, found this cutie off Ebay. He's an egg cup. I had seen him before from a fellow collector. Now, to find his partner. I also made his little snow cap from a baby sock!! LOL He's a keeper for sure!

Update on my Breast Cancer journey. My labs results came in and well... There's good news and bad news. The good news is that my lymph nodes came back negative for any cancer cells. The bad news, Doc has to go back in and remove the outer lying tissue of where they found my cancer to make sure they got it all. Ugh. Either that or chemo therapy. I'd rather him go back in and get it done! Now, the wait for my next surgery date. Please make sure to get your annual mammogram. Trust me it saved my life!!

You all be safe and take care!

Thank you for taking a look! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Better to have them take what they see out. I just had my mammogram last Thursday, and it was clear, thankfully. After having the same type of thing done as you, including removal of tissue, I've done 4 years of anti-cancer meds. So I'm thankful to have a clear report, after not being able to have a mammogram for two years. You will too! Let's hear it for healthy breasts!

    1. So true dear! Here, here!! Thank you so much my friend for giving me positive vibes. I truly appreciate you! Hugs, Gigi