Saturday, October 9, 2021

"She Spied on Our Lives...

 ...through the little doll's eyes..." - Sweet Ghost Girl. "Coraline"

September has come and gone and now October is here. Yay! Halloween here we come! It has been a nice beginning to October. I've slowly been receiving some long awaited packages. Yup, the mail has gotten slower and will continue to be just as slow, unfortunately. I saw on the news, that container ships are all just waiting in the waters surrounding ports around the world to be off loaded, but well, it is what it is. And USPS is also charging more now too. So, here's what I got...

This is a lovely vintage 1930s ceramic toddler girl figurine, that reminds me a lot of those adorable Sun Rubber or Ruth Newton squeak babies we see often. This one, I was told by a fellow collector on IG is similar to a Irwin a brand that makes a doll named, "Miss Adorable". Not sure? Still it's lovely to find some type of information. The photo after is the rubber squeak my fellow collector friend has and the ceramic one side by side. Thank you Kayla for the info. and letting me share her rubber squeak too!!

Next, I found this adorable vintage ceramic tea bag strainer fish. It's missing the leaf plate, but he was just too adorable to pass up. I love his big eyes! Then, I also found this lovely vintage foldable basket organizer from Germany. I've often seen these in red and made in France. But, to find one that is in pink and with adorable bears on it. Yesss, please!! Haha. Great for holding all my cuties in one place!! I even took it out with my little baby bun and did a photo shoot too! Love the coloring. It is rare to find it in pink!

I also received a surprise mail from Canada!! From a dear sweet friend, Alvina. I was very touched by the card and gift! Truly JoujouKawaii on IG is the sweetest and made my day! The card was just as adorable and inside what she wrote was so touching and kind words. I love you A. Thank you my dear sweet friend! I will treasure my little cutie for sure!!

Just some random goodies, I also found... 2021, Kabaya Jewel Box chocolates. Already a new design. I still haven't found the others from last year. LOL Oh well. They are cute, but not as cute as last years design. Always fun to see what comes out from Japan for these blind boxes. I also found a few things to resell in my shop from online Japan shops. Some of these cuties are sold out and no longer offered, Twiggy Mini dolls, Sekiguchi Mame Momoko dolls, and this lovely Anime Licca style doll still mint in box. So they are already listed in my shop, and in time for Christmas too!!

I found other colors of the plastic vintage deer buttons! I will keep these in my collection for now. From a fellow collector, he shared his adorable ornaments from an artist in France. I also bought these two to add to my tree this year. They are made of a soft rubbery type of clay when dried. Just too cute and they are light too! An adorable My Toy bunny I used 'buy it now' from ebay to fix his ears and resell. He sold just today! Already packed and ready to go to his new owner in Canada!!

Next, I've been searching for other dolly clothes for my little Betsy! A wooden bisque doll from Japan. So, these Totsy fashion doll coat and bonnet, were perfect when I saw them. Of course I wasn't sure they'd fit, and they did! Betsy looks so adorable. I also found her some Suzy Cute doll fashions, that fit too. A bit large and maybe more for a baby than a toddler doll. But, I just need to pair them with pants maybe instead of just the panties.

This vintage celluloid Humpty Dumpty toy rattle was too cute to pass up. I love his quirky face too! A great addition to my little collector of props and toys. I also used 'buy it now' for this Rushton Scrappy bear. He just needed a good wash and slight cleaning. He ended up being so minty cute, I decided he was a keeper! Haha. Darn it. Also from Japan this lovely Vanavana Rushton style Pajamas, already listed in my shop. They are too cute with adorable Rushton and My Toy plushie art on them. They are 160cm size in Japan or a 13/14 in Teens. I had Sara model them and even on her they are big. So maybe a size 6X or 7 in Womens.

This adorable celluloid baby rattle has a face and bonnet. I love this style rattle, my first one too. They can be expensive unfortunately. Darn. Oh well. I added a satin bow. Her original one was faded and ripped. I also found another plush basket pup with chain. I listed it in my Etsy shop and it sold within 24 hours. I was definitely surprised. But, happy someone adopted her. Too cute in red too! They aren't often seen even in Japan. I think because most collectors keep them! Ha!

My first set of vintage 1950s fabric baby books above, by Whitman. These are mint and still had their wrapping around it. I'm keeping two of them and the other 2 are sold now. Below, I also received another set, preowned, but still in lovely condition. I listed 2 of the books from this 2nd set. It had only one book that was the same as the first set, "Baby's Things." I love the graphics and Whitman always has adorable graphics in their books, depending on the year it was published.

I'm still awaiting four boxes from Japan that were sent seamail. Ugh. It is well over a month now. Hopefully sometime soon. 

How is your collection growing? Have a safe weekend everyone!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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