Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Latest Finds Abound...

 June has gone so fast! Here are some lovely kitschy cute things I've acquired...

Found this vintage tingaling ball toy and fell in love with the hand painted bear on it. Just too cute. I will definitely be using this as a prop. Quite unique, no markings sadly. Probably about 1950s. Then, I also found this lovely rattle doll, missing most of her face paint and her arms too. I was able to restore her by using vintage beads I had extra of and repainted her face from what parts were left behind. She turned out lovely and so cute. A keeper for sure!

Another VTG rattle with bonnet above, by Plakie. Love her colors and the 4 rings. I have a yellow one listed in my Etsy shop! One of my ISOs below, over 6 years ago, I found a lot for a fellow friend and collector and always wanted to get one for myself, and I finally did. Stewardess Posedoll made in Japan. She was quite pricey too. ugh. But she will live with me for a bit...

So many cuties!! I found a lot of adorable rattles up for grabs in a shop via Etsy. I adopted them as soon as they were listed. These three rattle toys with suction cups, I'm keeping one and the other 2 are listed in my shop. Just too cute! These Humpty Dumpties I will keep as well. They are quite unique and in such pristine condition for their age! The shop owner even added a gift, the rattle toy on the far right! Just precious and I was so touched by her kindness! Marcee you are awesome dear!! Check out her shop on Etsy, here! She has lots of vintage goodies!

I was able to adopt this adorable Ideal plush kitty above for restoration and resell. She had stuffing that turned into clay, sadly, often found in vtg plushies by Ideal. I am trying to figure out what type of stuffing they were using? Almost always turns into a brown gunk or clay. I have to use gloves to remove it and even after washing once, the residue is still inside, so I have to wash the plushy again. Afterwards, she got a touched up face paint and new satin bow. I didn't fill her stuffing too much, so that it would allow her to stand upright or sit. She still has her original tag present. I love her adorable face. Wish I could keep her, but I need to let another collector enjoy her. She is already sold. Vintage Meyercord decals from Canada below. New additions to my collection. I've always loved the bears in house slippers, and to find the baby bear with toy rattle ribbon, YES Please!! Haha.

I finally received this adorable Rushton Clown plush from a seller in Japan, Potbelly Antiques. It took a month to get to me, but worth it. I've always wanted one. He needed his hands, feet and hat restored. So now he lives with me. Definitely hard to find these days... I was also able to acquire this cutie below, a Rushton sleepy kitty. No not like the much sought after one. This one was supposed to have a musical device inside him. But sadly, he didn't come with it. He was stuffed haphazardly and a bit over stuffed. His fur wasn't even washed. yuck. So, I restored him and even with some missing fur, he is still just too cute to resist. Yes, I'm keep him for now. LOL Vtg ad I found on him below.


 This adorable guy below, I adopted from a fellow collector and was able to restore him. Sadly, he had some dark dirt stuffing inside him. I was definitely surprised by that. He's been restuffed and I had to fix his forehead. The fur was glued to the top of his head and stained by the paint that was used on him. I was able to fix that and added a pink satin bow. He's ready to be loved and has already been adopted. I also finally found another ISO below. She is a Mertens wooden girl wall hook. I've seen her before but in a Caucasian version. This one is tan, and that's okay too. Now, to find a spot to hang her up on!

Last item is this lovely Thumbelina posedoll on flower, made by the extremely talented doll artist, Okappa Ribon Shop in Japan. I have seen her listed on another site, but sadly, she had sold out. So I was able to locate the doll artist via IG and asked her how I could order one. She gave me all the details and finally my little Princess Thumbelina is here!! She makes them look so much like the Showa Era style posedolls, and culture dolls of that day in Japan. Just too cute! I am in awe of her... 

That's all for today. Please check back for my next interview with a collector on June 25th!!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Thanks for the mention GG! I ❤️ all of your treasures!

    1. Aww, anytime dearest! Sending you much love and hugs, Gigi