Sunday, September 17, 2023

Adorable Vintage Finds!

 I have been having a decent string of adorable finds this month... Here's what came in!

I found this adorable Elka Toys plush sleeping fawn. He was just too cute for words. He will live with me for now. Definitely 1960s or earlier. He just needed a good fluffing up and Ta Da!
I also found this adorable Gund sheep lamb. He was very dirty and his music box damaged. I was able to clean him up and replace his music box as well. He turned out a lot better! Yay! He is already listed in my shop!

My ultimate find this month was this Herman Pecker doll in red pantsuit with her original tag. Her name is "Maria". She is just gorgeous and when I listed her in my shop she was snatched up fast! I find these dolls from time to time, but one with her original tag, rare!!
Mostly Gund's this month, another Gund bendable kitty named, "Twisty Cat". Just as shown in this Christmas 1951 Catalog by Sears. He just needed a wipe down as well and I added a pink satin bow. He is also listed in my Etsy shop!

I was commissioned to find this adorable Blue sky Osyalle doll by Ayumi Uyama. It's nice to know we can still find some of these items in Japan. Another great find was these made in Japan, Disney tin pink kitchen set. Fridge, washer, and sink. I love the graphics on it too! I will keep them for now.

This sweet Roly poly dog chime toy by Knickerbocker to be added to my Chime toy collection. Nice to see other versions besides the bunny girls. I also won a lot with Macoto T. art work. This lovely colored pencil set is already listed in my shop. But I will keep the mini memo books. Also a secret pass case book with stamper. In complete condition too!

Lastly, this adorable repainted up cycled rubber face kitty. He had scary green eyes and looks a lot like a Rushton, but of course he isn't. A clone? Perhaps. He's already listed in my shop for adoption.

It has been a lovely start of September. Happy Hunting!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Wow! That's a lot of good finds 👍
    They're in amazing condition, given their age. I've never seen anything like that little metal kitchen, so cute! The little deer, puppy chime, and lamb are just precious!!

    1. Thank you dear R3, It was fun to find them and sometimes it's surprising to me still! Hugs, Gigi