Sunday, March 24, 2024

Kindness in Words Creates Confidence...

...Kindness in Thinking Creates Profoundness, Kindness in Giving Creates Love." ~ Lao Tzu

I wanted to post on this adorable cutie that has arrived to me!

I found him at Goodwill and saw that nobody wanted him. So I took him and just wiped him down. Sewn some snaps, since a few were missing on his pink gingham shirt and blue coat. He came with both and it suits him nicely.
I did remove his growler box, which is really a "Moo" cow sounder, as it was broken and only adding weight and rusting. I added more cotton batting to him and left him as is after sewing him back up.
Some things don't need any touching up and that's okay too. Nothing wrong with doing what you want with the things you own.

He will live with me for now... Welcome home B!!

Happy Thrifting guys!

Thanks for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls


@ggsdolls_vtg Rescued this Boopsy 🧸Growler from Goodwill πŸ₯Ή No body wanted him. I didn’t do any restoration on him. He’s adorable just as he is. 😍 Even came w the shirt and coat!! #vintage #gund #kitsch #rubberface #boopsygrowler #bear ♬ original sound - πŸŽ€

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