Saturday, January 11, 2020

A Few Things...

I was able to get out an obitsu doll body from storage for my Blue Haired bunny/mouse doll head, I got from an online Japan shop. I found out the doll is by Takara, called, "Flower Child" or "タカラフラワーチャイルド".  She is a bunny doll, with other little animal friends, that are similar to little fairies. I think released around the 90s. She wore flower petal dresses and so do her friends. There's another bunny, and a cat girl. She came with little flower houses, and things like that. This doll head is very similar to the Flower Child, but not shown on any of the examples I've found online. So maybe she was a prototype perhaps? Not sure. But, she so cute. The Obitsu body will do for now, until I can find a body similar to the Flower child's body. I also got her a 1/12 picco neemo dress. I think this color matches her better, don't you?!

 I love her little face! What do you think? Know of any doll that she is similar too? Next, I found this lovely snow baby bunny plush via Ebay. She needed a good wash and sadly her noise maker box didn't work. So I had to remove it, then, washed her and restuffed her as well. I also had to replace her pompoms. Now she is too cute and I will add her to my shop soon! Made in Hong Kong, I believe, and she is similar to some of the Bella Pouet dolls. At least her face is. Adorable too!

 Then, I found on Merry Bee's website this miniature dolly closet up for sale!! I was simply in love with it. I immediately purchased it and it safely arrived today!! Just too cute for words. Very similar to the vintage doll closet I previously had in pink, still up for grabs in my Etsy shop too! This one has working sliding closet doors, and drawer! The decals are just yummy cute! Look below, as compared to the lifesize version! Worth every penny too! I hope they make more and in other colors!!

  Last, are these vintage Meyercord decal ceramic trinket boxes. I will add to my Etsy shop soon! Lovely bunny, bear, and lamby decals on white ceramic trinket boxes. Just too cute! Made in Japan!

I hope you all have fun vintage shopping and collecting this weekend!! Have a great one!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls