Thursday, March 18, 2021

Almost Like New!!

 I began working on some more plushies etc., I've found in the wild, online! Ha! This lovely 1974 Eegee "Alice in Wonderland" Puppet off of ebay, was a mess! Literally! After her spa treatment, here she is below. I fell in love with her amazing mod huge eyes and eyelashes, and those lips and teeth!! I've seen something similar to her, but didn't know they were puppets, and she is huge! I've seen a "Little Red Riding Hood", and I believe, a "Little Match Girl". I love the way she turned out and will keep her for now...

Next, I found this lovely vintage Rushton lavendar cow! I was honestly surprised she was still available?! She was missing her tail, had a small hole on her hoof, and thigh, and she needed some cleaning on her face from dust. I worked on these areas and didn't need to wash her. She was like new! I am awaiting a cow bell in the mail to complete her look! Her "mooing" mechanism still works too! Yippee! She will live with me for a time.

Than, I was commissioned to fix a fellow collectors Rushton Ballerina Bunny! Her face was dirty and marked on her nose and cheek, as shown below. I was able to clean up the markings and touch up her paint. She was like new and all original too! Oh my Gawd!! Even her satin ears were so beautiful!!

Last, is this lovely vintage pink and white plush Easter bunny. She is designed by Character, according to her tag on her ear. She needed a good wash and brushing of her fur. I was also able to replace her whiskers, which were missing. Now, she is adorable and ready for Easter! I will be adding her to my shop some time soon!

Have a great weekend!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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