Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Commissions are Abound!

 It has been a busy beginning of March, and a good thing. I was asked by a friend to get a vintage Rushton Kitty plush from USA for her in Australia. The kitty arrived to me, but sadly, she was filthy. Luckily, since she had to get to me first, she asked if I could give her a spa treatment! Of course, I was happy to oblige! So, my work began... She is a vintage Rushton Valentine's Kitty with red satin bows, etc. But, her fur could use a good wash, and her face was dark and dingy along with a cut or scratch on her cheek.

What she looked like before her wash. I was so glad her red felt hearts didn't bleed or disintegrate. Whew! I had removed her ribbons before her wash. She came out white with some areas that were still brown from years of dust sitting on her fur. But, it had turned a gold tint. LOL Mostly on her back side. I began removing the dirt and caked on dust on her rubber face. At first, I was worried it might be that her rubber face had begun degrading from age, but it was just dirt. Thank goodness! Next, I had to figure out what I could use to glue and help set her cracked vinyl cheek. I used some plastic glue and that worked out nicely. I added some blush and touched up her eyes and TaDa!! She was done.

Here she is beside my kitty! They are like sisters! I added the white n red dotted bow for my friend to keep! Now, she is ready to shine in her collection! I was also asked to help acquire this lovely vtg Rushton Mouse from Japan. He arrived quickly and I mailed him out to a fellow collector in Mexico! I'm very excited to see him get this one! And I also found a few goodies online as well, like this lovely flip book of a ballerina dancing, and a bear brooch. I plan on repainting the eyes. So more on that one later...

I also won this lovely green dressed Pearl doll from Japan. She is lovely and I've seen this doll before. But to finally win one. Yay! I've listed the red dotted dress one. I am trying to tell myself I only need the one! Haha! I also enjoy supporting other fellow creators. like these amazing KewtKitsch Rushton Kitty and Bunny!! I've have been wanting her creations for some time, I just needed to find the cash!! Haha! Now, I do. I will have them displayed on my wall soon!!

A new Kabaya Jewel Box for 2021!! I love the colors and new designs for toy jewelry. I'll share what I got inside next time... I also was able to get this adorable needle felt Rushton style Puppy made by Sui on IG!! She is another fellow collector making amazing creations similar to Rushtons. I love her miniature creations! I bought a bunny, but she is still stuck in transit. I found it odd that this pup made it faster then she did?!! I also found this lovely unique furry bear coin bank! I've seen something similar, but it was so dirty, I guess, I didn't know whether it was original or not. So, now, I know it is. I cleaned her up and she is already adopted!! I love her slightly slanted eyes!! Very, "I dream of Jeannie" to me!!

I also, upcycled these lovely doll perfume bottles in pastels, and ruffles. I've added them to my Etsy shop already! Next, I found this lovely vtg musical Christmas carousel craft kit. But, of course I wanted something different on the carousel. I decided to pick up some flocked fabric in yellow, and bought some pastel sequins... In the end, it became a lovely "I Heart Kitsch" carousel instead!! Definitely fun to put together! It plays, "My Favorite Things." How very fitting!

Last, I found these tin plates, that could fit inside my vtg GE Miss Structo cabinet!! They look lovely in it too! Now, my display it complete...
Stay safe and well my friends!

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

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