Sunday, May 30, 2021

"If You Are Always Trying To Be Normal...

 ... You will never know how amazing you can be. " - Maya Angelou

I recall a former teacher telling me normal is boring, and that idea has always stuck with me. Hmmm, nice to visit old ideas perhaps...

I recently, found this love vtg dollhouse wooden closet, and it looked a lot like a closet I had purchased from MerryBee in Japan. Sure enough, it is the very same. Merrybee had upcycled the one I bought, and I decided I would do the same with this one!!

I repainted the doors on both closets, even the one I got from Merrybee. I changed the Happy Birthday decal that it had and decided to place these adorable small meyercord stickers onto them. A lovely choice of bears or fawn and lamb. I will keep the pink one and the blue closet is already listed in my Etsy shop! They each have working doors and drawer. Too cute and great for a mini nursery themed bedroom!

Then, I found this adorable vtg Ganz Bros. Toy Co. plush doggy with bone. He arrived to me safely from Canada. I almost didn't get him, because the seller had put the wrong box number. He was listed on my Etsy shop yesterday and was adopted fast! Just too cute and he just needed a good wash and I added the satin blue bow to him. I also found this box of Zany Zooful miniature plushies made for Montgomery Wards. They are sawdust mini felt animals, made in Japan. Sadly, four of them are missing, since the previous owner must have kept them. The hard part is deciding to resell them. LOL The box even has its original price sticker. I love NOS finds and can imagine when they were on toy shelves...

Next, this lovely vtg new baby greeting card, I found. Features a lovely Gund lamb. I sold one very similar to this one. Love vtg cards with toys and plushies in it!! A great addition to my collection! Then, I finally was able to snag this awesome Rushton pink Happy Bear brooch made by the famously talented and funny KewtKitsch on Etsy. Heather is so down to Earth and always makes me laugh. Thank you so much dear for the lovely note, I will treasure the brooch and message. You inspire me dear and now, I have something to remind me of your inspiration!! Love you!! Be sure to visit her shop on Etsy! She has many cute creations to add to your collection too!!

Alice won't give me the brooch back!! LOL 

Have a well rested 3 day weekend for those in the USA!! Around the world, I hope you all have a great weekend too!!

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

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