Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Wishes Come True Twice in One Year!!

 If you recall my post here, I was gifted an ISO by my husband. Well... I had sold a few rare vtg Rushtons to some close collector friends and saved up the funds for a moment like this!!! I made the investment and got another vtg Rushton in light pink Happy Bear!!! My first choice was always a light pink version in the large size. But, for months there wasn't any being listed. In the past, month one was, and I was thrilled to know I could possibly own one I actually wanted. So, I did! Yippee!!

This adorable version arrived to me actually on Monday, but even though I lined up at the counter, at USPS, and had the slip to pick him up... He actually wasn't at the facility yet. The guy even chucked at me, saying you have to wait 24 hours after getting a pink slip to come up and get it. I was like, well it was worth the try! Because sometimes, when I go to the counter to pick up a box, they give me the box that a slip was just given that day. So, obviously, it depended more so on the persons who bring the boxes to Hagatna from the Main Facility in Barrigada. Oh well. So, I went home empty handed. But no worries, my hubby worked that night and was able to pick him up from the PO after work. I just had to be patient a few more hours. Haha!
The box arrived without any issues and when I opened it up, first is the note you see. The seller was very sweet. He said the bear was his mother's and that she had passed away a few years ago. So he was finally going through her belongings to sell. This was her original Happy Bear from the 50s along with a few others. Then, he also shared that he used to live on Guam in the 90s!! I was like oh my goodness, truly a small world indeed! Thomas, was very kind and I was happy to own his Mother's treasured bear. The stars could not have aligned any more so, for me to own this baby. Inside, the box was another box and tucked away underneath white tissue paper and in a clear bag, was this lovely pink and white bundle of joy!! Upon immediate inspection, this bear was immaculate. The photos did not do it justice, seriously! This bear was in almost perfect condition. Thomas did share that one side of the bear was lighter then the other, but, it was "Bearly", Haha, (Pun inserted) noticeable!!

This is the pic I took of the bear prior to a wash. His fur was just needing a bit of freshening up. Afterwards, just drying and the next morning. I brushed him out and wiped his face down with magic eraser, and TADA!! His fur is full and fluffy, his face paint is just amazing, there are a few tiny spots and perhaps a bit of imperfections from the manufacturer. But, he is gorgeous!! Nicely stuffed and oh my gosh!! Squeeeee!!!

Here he is with my first Happy Bear. I can't keep both, so be on the look out for a post via IG or my Etsy shop when I do list the Hot Pink one. I might take a bunch of pics before letting my hot pink Happy Bear go?! LOL

Feeling blessed. Have a great rest of your week!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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