Friday, August 5, 2022

Latest Finds...

 Gosh, we are already 5 days into the month! This year is going fast. Here's what I found the past few weeks!

I wanted a baby powder tin, empty of course to use as a prop and this adorable blue and pink ZBT version was just the right one for my nursery decor! 1950s I believe, it makes a great prop for photos.The gray poodle plush beside is just as adorable too. Found online through a shop in Canada, it is a musical plush too and when you wind it up, its head bobs side to side. Still has its original tag. She will stay in my collection for now.

 I also found 2 other matching Ballerina pin badges from Japan. They are not by the same company, but they look a lot similar. One set I've had for a few years now, and the new pins are the pink and blue on the right side of the photo. I also found these adorable 3D lenticular Morinaga cards with frames. I listed the puppy in my shop already and the ballerina will stay in my collection.

This amazing art piece is by a dear friend, Mattie from Texas. She made this for me using nail polish and it is called, "Joyful Serenity". It reminds me of the Pacific Ocean on the Eastern side of Guam, I can imagine the waves and the sea foam as they form when the waves crash against the shore. Thank you so much Mattie. I will forever treasure this beautiful piece. Some friends I find through my Etsy shop are definitely special and dear to me. This adorable blue Fawn coin bank, I found in my searches of Japan auctions. It arrived to me safely and as soon as I listed her she sold instantly! So she is already with her new Mommy. I also received this adorable Herman Pecker doll. She too sold. So I am happy that they are adopted.

Then, I won a lot of adorable vintage rattles below. This mouse is a rattle that is perhaps a squeak instead? Not sure. I will need to find some replacement squeaks too. Hmmm. I may already have some?! This mouse is already listed in my shop as well. I already listed one of the peach girl rattles too. The yellow boy rattle, I added a Meyercord sticker to him. I felt it was a perfect spot for it. Don't you think so? The next item, I've actually had for a few months now, but kept it in its box until I had time to take them out and properly look at them. Made by Norstar 1963, they are 3 wigs made of plastic vinyl and were intended for young girls ages 3 - 8 years old, to play grown up.

My set below, came with 4 wigs instead, 2 blondes, 1 brunette, and 1 red head/strawberry blonde. Sadly, no box, but still an adorable set and great for their condition. They will stay with me for a bit as well. I just love the styles and idea of play! Imagine these were made back in the 60s, today you can find something a bit similar at costume stores as well.

Next, this amazing find on Yahoo Japan, a King George IV Old Scotch Whiskey head bust. I got him for the "Bridgerton" feel of his look! LOL and my Etsy shop. He is already listed there and would be perfect for your "She-shed" or "Man-cave". He's quite light too and not too big. I also found this lovely Ohio art tin baby carriage. Most of the time, these strollers are expensive or hard to find in this lovely condition. So I was quite surprised to see that no one had snapped it up. The carriage will stay in my collection for now.

Below, I was also able to find a round frame for my lovely 60s pop art. Sadly, the frame was a bit small and the ceramic tile couldn't fit on the inside. So instead, I repainted the frame white and glued the art work on the front. It turned out lovely too and then added a pink satin bow. Now, she is on my wall for my viewing pleasure. I love the 60s Peter Max style of it! I also found this lovely Crosley mini turntable and records! They were released back in 2019. I had to have them and they make great props for plushies too! Just look at Chubby Cherub enjoying sounds by Johnny Cash!!

I also found another beveled glass Napoleon French ring casket! This one has a lovely peach satin pillow. It was even at a steal!! I couldn't pass it up. Now, this one will stay with me. I love it and it is already a centerpiece on my dresser!! Just simply gorgeous! Next, this adorable Sutton & Sons plastic rattle head kneehugger!! When I discovered him, I didn't realize they made rattles heads into kneehuggers as well! Haha. Too cute. He even has a little cape on. Came with his original Tag too! I may add him to the shop or not?!

Last, these adorable plushies made by icecreambear10 shop on IG. He also sells on my Etsy shop. I couldn't help but adopt the cutie bunny that laughs, and chick with bonnet. I love her face! I commissioned Alam to fix my clown plush from a friend, Thelma, and he did a beautiful job of making him into a pastel clown. He turned out lovely. He's actually larger than my original Rushton clown! Now, all of them are in a special place on display! If you would like to commission him, just message him on IG!

He even gave me a yummy lollipop too!! Thank you dear friend! Love my new/old babies! Have a wonderful week guys! Stay safe and happy hunting for vintage!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

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