Friday, August 8, 2014

Dried Flowers, Meguchan, and More...

Today, I received small packets in the mail all at once! Three boxes to be exact!
 More lovely etsy dried "Baby's Breath" flowers came in this time, I ordered purple and red!! Can't wait to use them!!

Then, I finally found a pre-owned Gutto Kuru Megu Kanzaki Figure thru Amiami!! Yippee, I've been searching for one via Yahoo Japan for a year, and then while doing my usual searches thru pre-owned goodies, she was there and super cheap too!! I actually tried to bid on a Lot of 4 or 5 figures, all Megu-chan via Yahoo Japan a few weeks ago, but lost! Only because I didn't make a high bid... Not stressing now, since I've found a complete set and box too!!

 She is a lot larger than a figma figure, so I can't use her head on any of my MMS bods. Still, she is more like a 1/6 scale doll to me! With a lot of extra hands and facial expressions, what fun awaits?!

The only thing via Yahoo Japan is below. I was searching for more mermaid goodness, and found this lovely figma tail up for auction! It actually goes with this figma San Seto, here! But one can be creative and use it for something else!! Can't wait!
 Then, I also decided to paint this figure blonde and will use it in a ocean scene. It also belongs to Sara and she is happy to have one that looks more like "Marina"!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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