Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More Mermaid Goodies from Japan!!

Yup, I know, mermaid stuff!? LOL, that day I was obsessing, well, I, uh, found more stuff, and bought it!!

My latest Yahoo Japan box arrived to me today!! I was worried I'd have to wait... You see a major bridge is being worked on in our village and there was a notice put out that it would be closed down for a few hours a day to put in place some large beams. Sadly, the time that its closed is the time I often drive up to the Post to pick up mail!! So, for the next few days, I have to go early to do that or not go at all... Since I followed the tracking for this box, I went early today, sat in the parking lot for awhile, and sure enough the clerk was able to get it to me before the bridge had to close, whew!! So, with out further delay here's what came in...

 Yup just about everything in the box is mermaid related, with the exception of one item! I received two children's books, "The Little Mermaid", a Lot of Glico toys, a mermaid figure, and a vintage mermaid puzzle!!

 The Lot of glico toys below. I thought the patio was just too cute to pass up, and it came with this cute little house too! To add to my Glico collection of course!

 This amazing vintage Harumi mermaid puzzle! A bit faded, but still with all its pieces and still lovely to look at with the other mermaids in the background! I may add it to the shop?! Still deciding...hmm

 The backside of the puzzle below...

One of two books I found while searching mermaids... This lovely vintage children's book, "The Little Mermaid", is not the Disney version, but Hans Christian Andersen's tale. Well loved by child, and still lovely. I mostly bought for the beautiful anime...
 These books are a series of books released about fairy tales. This one is number 31.

The second book I found below, is a recent take or modern version of the same Hans Christian Andersen's tale. This book, has some beautiful anime art in it as well! Illustrated by Futago Kamikita, who is famous for "Pretty Cure" franchise,  and written by Onodera Yu.
 My favorite page below...

Then, finally, I was able to acquire this hard to find anime gashapon figure, Darkstalkers character: Rikuo/Aulbath Mermaid.
 I've often seen her via deviant art searches thru google, but for sale she is slim to none! But, I was able to find her thru Yahoo Japan, whew! There are actually 3 styles of different colored tails, I got the green one.
 She's a lot more sexier than my usual mermaid figures, but still I wanted to get her and use her in some scenic shots...coming soon!! I removed her large fin ears, not to keen on them. -_-;
The nice thing about this small figure is that you can take her head off and use other figure heads on the body!! Yippee! Gives me more choices!
Thanks so much for reading! - ggsdolls

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