Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What's in Today!

My latest box from Yahoo Japan! This shipment has some interesting, cheap finds to share...
Continuing with my obsession with mermaids, I found these two "One Piece" Princess Shirahoshi anime figures, a set of "The Wild Swan" Toei Animation photos - 1977, and a Glico/ Lotte lamp with drawer, and gate from Chiko chan gum, チコちゃんガム おまけ.
The Chiko chan gate above, was interesting and I really wanted the box, because it reminded me of the gum I used to buy from the 70s that had a paper doll and decals to rub and stick fashions onto them. The Glico lamp, I've always seen in Lots, but never got a chance to win one, because of how highly priced the lots would get! -_-; So finally, I was able to get this one by itself and at a cheap price too, Whew!
The other side of the box, a cute retro anime girl wearing a Kimono, nice!

The Lot of "The Wild Swan" photos had a few scenes from the movie! You can read more about the story, here! Another of my favorite Anime movies from Toei Animation!
Just a few of my favorite of the cards above and below!

This rather large Princess Shirahoshi from 'One Piece', was sold cheap! I love the way sleeping mermaids look, while sleeping, so peacefully! Taby claimed her as soon as she saw her! Which was fine, because I just did not have the room for her in my cabinet!! LOL
She was mint in box, at least til' I took her out to set her up! Lovely mermaid though!!

Finally, this "Sleeping Princess Shirahoshi", a smaller version, I also found cheap. Is my favorite of the two sleeping mermaids!
She kinda looks a bit uncomfortable in this position, but maybe she isn't?! haha, Sara and I both wanted this one... Ugh, now I have to find one for her, or give her this one!? Sometimes, its hard having daughters who love the same things you do!! But, at the same time, I'm glad they do!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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