Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Making a 3D Paper Mermaid!

Yes mermaid!! Like I said, obsessed with them as of late! I found this online downloadable 3D paper mermaid of "Marina", for you to try out! The Link below is to a Japanese website for paper crafts, but you can download the pieces in English! The link to the website is here!

Above is a screen shot I took of the site that shows the finish product.  I generally leave the page open, so that I can go back and refer to it.  Things you will need:  a pair of scissors, a printer to print out from, paper, and tacky glue. I didn't follow the instructions, but you can find them here, in Japanese only.

 I basically, followed and cut from the lines for each piece. Then for each part, I carefully folded the sections with dotted lines and made sure I knew what parts to glue, before gluing them. Generally, the parts to glue were the folded back sections.
 It was somewhat of a challenge for her tail, neck, and head. But in the end she turned out similar to what was on the site. If you want her a bit stronger or sturdier looking. I would use thicker paper.
Still it was fun to put her together, and look she sorta looks like Marina?!! LOL Have fun!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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