Friday, June 17, 2016

Goody Store Shopping, Etc...

I had to take Taby to her Driver's Ed class, and so, while she was at class, Sara and I went to the Goody Store!

 I picked up this cute hot pink polkadot plastic tray, and some sweets below! I will use the tray to display some of my vintage ceramic figurines in. The clear sides will allow for viewing the figurine, while keep it safe from accidental bumps to my dresser... not that it's often, but it gives me peace of mind. Hehe.
 Glico Bisco Bisquits with cream. I've seen the box before and Sara wanted to try some, so we got em'. They are very creamy and quite delicious, great with tea too!
 I've never tried Budou/ Grape flavor milk candy by Sakuma. I've always had the strawberry flavor. These were actually pretty good too!

Then, I received 2 sets of Obitsu hand parts from Hobby Search for Yui. While searching up her body measurements, etc. I was able to get her some other hand parts she can use! Yay! I can't wait to try them on her too!

Lastly for today, this cute anime retro girl Venice small case, I was able to snag via a friend's online shop. I was actually surprised, no one else got it before I did...
 I thought it was larger, but it's smaller than my other case. I may use it to store or carry dolly clothes, etc.
 I also love the anime art on the bag!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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