Friday, November 9, 2018

A Few Online Finds In

It's been a really nice and easy going week since the election. So, here's what came in the pass few days...

I found this cutie yellow ceramic coin bank for a collector on IG, we were working on a trade and this was one of her ISOs. Such a cutie and now he's packed and ready for his travel back stateside.

 Then, last week, I just happened upon a sale via instagram and saw this cutie surrounded by other vintage goodies. I messaged the seller and sure enough she was available, and so I made the purchase. Love her colors and hair style most. Vintage chalkware, 60s girl coin bank. I honestly was shocked that this bank didn't arrive cracked. It was lightly wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a small box. I was sure she was damaged. But, upon inspection, a few chips here and there, but nothing else. Whew. She does need a replacement stopper though.

 I also had my friend Reiko in Japan purchase these three miniature wooden chairs made for Blythe dolls by greenliketambourine, on Instagram. I love the vintage look of them and of course the cute animal decals. They took about a week to produce them and then they were shipped last month. Sadly, it took so long for it to arrive. Ugh, mail system. Still they arrived safely and each individually packaged. I can't wait to use them in photos or for my display. I choose a pink chair with a cute bunny decal, a blue chair with a cute swan with bear, and last the yellow chair with cute bear decal.

 I also received a box from Japan, inside, a Macoto Takahashi folder, Licca doll retro fashion, and a Ninohira kitty. The Licca doll retro fashion is a beige mini dress with tie and come with a mint pair of heels. I decided to try it on my Madamoiselle de Paris doll. It looks more like a blouse on her instead of a dress. LOL Still cute and I love the color combination. What do you think? Next, the Macoto T. folder, there were several releases of Macoto's works as folders, washi tape, post cards, etc. I decided to get this lovely blue folder. I will use it for my shop papers. Lovely retro girls on both sides of the cover. I've always loved Macoto's style of art on these shoujo girls. The seller also gave me the original flier for the sale and the post card.

 Last, this adorable tiny Ninohira mascot furry sofubi kitty!! I saw her up for auction, and almost decided not to bid on her... But, I'm glad I did. I knew she was tiny, but oh my goodness, she stands about 2 inches tall or 5.5 cm. The seller listed her as a Mascot Key chain toy. She definitely hung from a key chain. Sadly, that was missing. She had her original chain collar. Underneath she has the Ninohira Japan stamp. So, I started off with cleaning her up and then brush her fur hair. I added a gold tone jump ring to the chain on her head. So, if I decide to put her on an actual key chain, I could. I then, added a gold tone jump ring to her collar and a bell.

 It's a bit large, so I may take it off later, unless I find something blingy to add to her collar. She has a felt bow glued to her hair. I don't want to replace that, so it will also stay for now. Her head can twist left or right. Just too cute. Wish I could find more!! Rare indeed. She is about the right size for your dolly's toys. Yesss...

I appreciate you reading! ~ ggsdolls

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