Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tan Poppo Chan Type Little Girl Arrives!

I received two cute items in the mail today! I just had to quickly share...
 Won through Yahoo Japan auctions, she reminds me of Poppo chan dolls from Sekiguchi. She has lovely pale blonde twin ponytails. I especially love her pink PJs. She holds a yellow plastic rose. Same pouty lips and closed eyes, as another tan doll I have. All original too.
 Undressed to see her body, legs and stance just like Poppo chan dolls. Her head and arms are movable.
 "A flower for you", she says. How could one, resist this cute face! Here she is beside her big sister. Now, they are a family!
 Next, this cutie also won through Yahoo Japan, she is a coin bank. No markings, base has felt instead of a rubber stopper. Nice big eyes and lovely period hat. She reminds me of Holly Hobbie or maybe Sekiguchi Gege dolls?

 She has a crochet cover with pom pom ties, very 70s. I may add her to my shop... LOL
 I opened up the Licca chan wonderful rooms, that I don't own and displayed them side by side. If anyone is interested I have two unopened ones that I can let go, since I have doubles. Number three and number six, the bed room and the study room.
 1. Licca's room and 2. Licca's sweets room.
 3. Licca's cosmetics room, and 4. Licca's pet room.
 6. Licca's study room, and 5. Licca's dress room.

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls