Thursday, February 13, 2020

Goodies For Now...

Here's what I received prior to and after coming back from Japan!!

 I found a few Rushton type rubber face bears on Etsy. I plan on using them on some projects. When I finally have time too!! LOL I also bought this cute silly bear necklace to add to my bunny necklace collection! Also from Etsy.

 Next, I received this Lot of 7 ceramic figurines from Yahoo Japan. I fell in love with the pearl like fawns. I've already added and sold some of the other figurines in my Etsy shop!! I have also special requested to buy this lovely wood plaque made by Every Day is A Holiday shop. I've always wanted one. I finally wrote Jen and asked if there was any still available and I'm so glad I did!! I already have it on display in my room. Yippee!

 Unique plastic lace style coasters for your bottles or tumblers, but instead I am using them to accent my figurine pieces above. They are quite unique and I love their kitschy look!! Next, I was able to purchase this lovely Swimmer Bike horn via a Japan website, just too cute! It's actually a squeak rather then a bell horn! I hope to display this baby!!

Two more ceramic figurine and shakers, already added to my Etsy shop, and have since sold super fast! Both were in amazing condition too!

 I also wanted to show my haul from Japan! I just need to take pics of my Gatchas. So for now, here are chocolate Meiji umbrella sticks, Nano Legos, some friendship bracelets, cute cord holders as a cat and bunny. A cute bunny ring for my phone, and some other goodies to use for projects, from the Daiso at Aeon. Definitely a busy week! I have most of the figurines listed in my shop! I hope to add more goodies when they arrived next week!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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