Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My Angels Have Their Wings!

I acquired these cute angels here from my previous post, and found them replacement instruments here. Today, I received the wings to replace the one's that are missing on them, Yippee!! I actually tried twice before to find them wings. First, I found a bunch at Underground Dungeon's here on Guam, a kind of Party City. Sadly, they were wired ones and I didn't want to glue gun them on, I want to be able to remove them when ever... Ugh. So, I opted to using some plastic one's from a set of Tinker belle fairies... They arrived from China, damaged. Most of the wings broke during transit and the ones that did survive, were to hard to stick into the hole at their backs, because their heads were too big, and it didn't allow the peg to stay in... Double ugh!
I decided to think through, exactly what might work. I chose to go with these cute fabric puffy applique angel wings in small and large sizes, from an Etsy shop called, "WhiteElephantCrafts" from Thailand. After ordering them, all I had to do was figure out, how I was going to put them on the angels... Hhmmm... Then, ding, enter "Light Bulb" over head! I came up with tie straps!
 I figured, that if I could somehow put the wings into the tie strap and then maybe the lock part could easily be pushed into the holes at the back, right? Not the case, when I was ready to put the tie strap lock into the holes, they were a bit too big. Ugh. Okay, now what? Instead, I cut the tie strap, and bent it in onto itself, and made somewhat of a peg, that could be stuck into the holes instead. If that made any sense? And it worked! Yay! I used the shiny white rainbow wings on all of them. Taby thought, that the small wings were cuter on them, as compared to the larger size. I agree they are cuter!
 A closeup of the wings on one of the angels. As you can see the tie straps, are white, but look like they are meant to be there. From the side view, the tie strap part that was cut and bent on itself, is like a peg and pushed into the angels back side, and not visible at all. Nice.
 My brunette angel with her pink instrument. Now, I just need to find one more thing, a replacement holder for one of the angels... My next assignment. Ha.
I also, may want to find music notes to create the mobile that they hung from... Just thinking aloud. LOL
 I also received the complete set of Licca 'Wonderful' Rooms gatcha. Yes, I decided to get the complete set. I will sell two of the sets I already have, that are unopened from this lot.
 1. Licca, 2. Licca (Sweets), 3. Licca (Cosmetics), 4. Licca (Dress), 5. Licca (Pet), and 6. Licca (School), are the titles for each. I have number three and number six, that I will let go.
I will post via IG to sell them. Have a wonderful week everyone!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls