Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Handmade Roly Poly Dolls!!

I recently had so many collectors ask about the Roly Poly, I listed in my shop. I hope to bring two more in next week to have available soon! So stay tuned!!

Last year, I bought a pattern via Etsy on how to make "Roly Poly" dolls. Mostly because I wanted the pattern for a bonnet to make for my Rushton Duck, at the time. I revisited the pattern and had a bunch of really cute small dolly heads that I decided to use... I didn't take any 'Before' or "Work In Progress" shots, so I'll just share them...
Using felt, pompom, Daiso ruffles, vintage miniature buttons, and sheer ribbon. I created this cute sleeping roly poly bear. He even dings. The pattern gave directions on how to add a bell, so you can hear him ding. He turned out adorable. I will try to make more and add them to my Etsy shop soon. I reduced the pattern slightly to match the size of the doll head. Still a bit large. I painted his eyes closed to make him a sleepy bear. His original eyes were kind of cross-eyed! LOL

 Then, I even made a Pippi Longstocking Roly Poly doll!! I took these cute red headed doll heads and was trying to figure out what character to create? Pippi was one! She turned out just as cute too! She also dings!!

Then, I received a few items earlier this week. Some vintage mod daisy hair ties, and a bunch of chenille baby chicks! I also bought two cute Critter Spool dollies from enamo_amie on instagram. A deer and cat! Just too cute! Love them, Thanks Amie!!

 Next, I found more vintage Hawaiian dolls. I'm not sure if they were made in Japan or not. But they both have the same or similar face paint. And its really nice to see a male version of these dolls. I mostly find the girls. This handsome Fire Eater is missing one of his torches, sadly. I know I could make a replacement, I just need the matching fur. The makers did a great job of sculpting his body too. Also, his partner, similar to my other Hawaiian Hula dancer, but she has a rafia grass skirt instead of the fur. Even their skin tone are more red, as compared to the other I have.

 Here they are side by side. I think my fur skirted gal, is a bit more large, but from the angle that I took the photo, you couldn't tell she was. LOL   I hope to fix the Fire Eater's other torch, and maybe add Ku Kui beads and head dress to him, and a Lei for her. Then, they will be listed in my shop soon!!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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