Saturday, March 14, 2020

Wonder Foam Paper Doll!!

While browsing my usual sites, I came across, this lovely vintage paper doll, that caught my eye!! I bought it and it arrived to me safe n sound, and I just have to share about it!!
1950 Vintage Dejournette Paper doll dubbed, "Jill Wonder Foam" Dimensional stand up doll. I believe she is from the 50s, and based on her fashions, they are of 50's styling too. This paper doll is huge!! About 17 inches of hugeness! Lovely face, the paper doll does have some creases, as previous owner bent her. But, she is still in lovely condition for her age. Her fashions are still in tack and uncut. Amazing! Sadly, she is missing the insert for her to stand upright. I will have to find or make a replacement.

 On her packaging it says, teen fashion doll. But from what she wears, most of her fashions remind me of young woman's style instead. Lovely evening dresses, to a night on the town, and casual wear too! I won't be cutting out her fashions and leave them mint. But, I will try to find other styles I want her dressed in, that I can easily print out or scan them to print...

  She will be great in a large photo frame as decor or display, along with her fashions. Made in Canada, for a company DeJournette MFG. Co. in Alanta, GA by The Copp Clark Publishing Co. I tried to see if there other girls, or maybe even other years, like 60s or 70s. Sadly, nothing...Darn.

 Definitely keeping for now. I know someone on Ebay is selling printed copies of this same paper doll, and in different sizes too! Nice. But, I prefer the original in all her large foamy glory!! Haha!
Last, I also picked up a brown pair of Bemybabycherry heels. Can't wait to use them on my gal!!
 Have a great weekend!! And stay safe!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

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