Friday, March 20, 2020

Isetan Be My Baby Cherry Dress!!

Miyuki Odani released a set of 7 lovely dolls in late February to early March, through Isetan Shinjuku for the "Neo Hina Festival". Of course, I wasn't there, but I was able to get a friend to get me at least, a dress!! It arrived safely to me today! And I'm just thrilled...

The dress arrived to me today, considering our island is on lock down due to the COVID-19. So, before 12 noon, I made my way to check the PO box and sure enough, my package arrived! Yay! This will help me through the 'social distancing' and enjoy staying home to play with my dolls!! Yippee!

You may not see much information on Miyuki's website, as most of it was announced through her instagram stream instead...
  The dress is similar to Miyuki's Summer Bouquet doll's dress. But in lovely pink and purple hues with paper flowers on the tulle skirt. The fashion also comes with a lace and ribbon head dress in matching colors. This style will look so cute on my Marshmallow Cherry chan!! I immediately removed it from the packaging and carefully dressed Marshmallow in it... What do you think?

   Marshmallow's heels match also, and I decided to use my cute little white bunny and tiny blue beads in a bottle props. Oh my goodness!!! She looks soo cute and yummy!! Love, love, love this dress on her! Definitely, makes this pandemic mess, bearable. More photos to come!!
 I also found this lovely English version of the book, "Lucky Baby Bunting" or "Wiesje Wollepop" here. Yay! I will be keeping this version as well! I was also able to find other books made in English, in this series. I'm so excited, so more on these soon!!

Next, I had a friend purchase some cute goodies from an online shop in Japan. I saw Omakeboshi's IG post about these cute pose doll looking necklaces and couldn't help but order them, along with other cute items she had in her shop. She sold vintage and modern kawaii things!! So, I ordered, two of the pose doll type necklaces, one sweet deer key chain, and a post card. The she even added some coloring sheets as a gift!! How sweet! Loved my purchases, and they will be added to my collection of toy jewelry! Yay!

 Last for today, is this lovely vintage unicorn ornament from Hui-shan's shop on Etsy. She had three styles listed, and when I saw them, they instantly reminded me of the movie, "The Last Unicorn"! I was tempted, so I bought one! A lovely addition to my pastel decor. She adorns my dark wood cabinet opposite my bed!!
 Hope you all are staying well and safe?!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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