Friday, March 27, 2020

Vtg Books, Etc. Arrive!

If you recall, I mentioned that I found some really cute vintage Saalfield Publishing Co. Children's books online... Well, I received a Lot of 9 books and then 4 more to add to my collection... and here they are!!
I found a lot of 9 books via Etsy, similar series as the "Lucky Baby Bunting" book. So, this lot includes, books numbers 510 through to 518. Not in perfect condition, but still a lovely addition to my growing collection of this series. I figured if I loved, Lucky, I may love the others?! I haven't started to read the new one's. Hopefully I will have time to do so soon!
 #510 - "Neddy's Adventure"
#511 - "The Washing Day"
#512 - "The Little Friends"
 #513 - "The Little Cobbler"
#514 - "Peter's Fun Farm"
#515 - "The Singing Contest"
 #516 - "Timothy Tiger"
#517 - "Lucky Baby Bunting"
#518 - "Shoo-shoo The Puppy"
 Just yesterday, I received 4 others I also found via Etsy. This set has the 3 cent stamped on them. Still in lovely condition, sadly, they are not chronological, so there are some books missing in between them, after #520.
 #519 - "Little Boy Blue and the Golden Fairy"
#520 - "Princess Blossom and the Magic Spell"
 #522 - "Dina's New Home"
#524 - "Greedy Teddy"
Last, I received this lovely Blythe doll dress from Russia on Etsy. Cherry Chan fits it too! Yippee!

Hope you all are staying safe and social distancing!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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