Wednesday, March 4, 2020

VTG Hawaiian Dolls, Etc

I don't often collect Hawaiian dolls, but from afar, I fell in love with some that I've seen mostly in the Japan secondary markets. These Hawaiian dolls, were advertised with the words, "Aloha", or "Hawaii" on the base, and were produced from around the 1960s and 1970s. But they were made in Japan. The earlier versions had synthetic fur as skirts, I believe, instead of rafia or plastic fibers. The dolls I've seen in Japan have a lovely face with dark skin tone, black hair and generally in a dancing stance. While the cheaper versions made elsewhere. Most having somewhat generic face and odd look in their eyes. You see, the Japan versions are similar to the sweet sexy dolls you find in negligees, sold as cake toppers or gag gifts. The Hawaiian dolls in fur skirts are more sought after. Notice, the fur is similar to the fur used on Kitsch ceramic cats and puppy coin banks! In Japan, these dolls can cost upwards, in the 3-digits!

I recently, bought and won this lovely fur skirt version on Ebay. She has her original flower hair pin, and lei. But, when I received her, she had green clay on her base, which was messy and sticky to the touch. I removed her lei and hair pin, so that I could remove the green clay and wash and shampoo her. Her fur was in need of a good brushing. I reglued her to her base and shampooed her hair. I replaced her flower and pin for now. I just need to find her a new old lei. Sadly, I see why the previous owner used clay. Her base is not stable, and because the doll leans too much in the forward motion, she can easily tip. I will have to figure out what I can do to remedy this...

 Look at her beautiful island girl face!! Even the motion of her hands tell a story... Perhaps she is dancing to an old Hawaiian legend of two lovers in the night... Well, if you find yourself locating any of these Hawaiian dolls, you might want to take a second look and keep them. In Japan, they are worth a lot more!
She's a keeper for sure! Below, I also found from ebay, this lovely vintage ceramic Chipmunk planter. Similar to my Lamb planter, this one has two chipmunks with one inside the tree. Also has the rabbit fur surrounding its neck, and a tag that says, "Press my head I talk!" I know what you are thinking, does it actually talk? No, I don't think they had the mechanisms back then, but perhaps a squeaker was inside it? The spring that holds the ceramic head, must have had a squeak mechanism, when you pressed its head. That is my guess. The Lamb version I have, is stationary and doesn't have the spring. This chipmunk planter does have its original Reuben's sticker underneath.

 I added a blue satin bow, now he's just as adorable as my lamb planter. I may decide to list the Chipmunk planter in my shop... So stay tuned!

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