Wednesday, March 18, 2020

More Roly Pollies, Etc.!

The roly poly doll I got last week, sold so quickly, I was able to get in two more this week as well, and I listed them last night. Both sold out in less then 3 hours of them being listed!!
Above, on the left, a roly poly doll with a hat. Rare to see one with a hat. She also came with a white bib with lace. So cute! Many inquired about her. I'm trying to find more! In the mean time, I did find the blue one on the right, along with the yellow below, left. Sadly, the blue didn't come with a hat, but did come with its bib. The yellow had a bow instead of a bib, and the design was different from the other two.
 Still both lovely and their tingaling mechanism works nicely too!

 I also decided, not to cut out the original fashions that came with Jill. So, instead I was able to find some 1950s style fashions online and printed this lovely yellow dress out for her. I had to tweak it a bit. It worked out too. Not bad. She is quite amazing for her size! I just love her!
And it doesn't hurt to know, I can print out more fashions for her to dress in, later on. Yippee!

Announcement for my ggsdolls shop customers!! I will continue to ship your purchases regularly. But, there may be slight delays within the USPS system, depending on USPS's guidelines for the pandemic. Thank you for your kind understanding and patience.

Thanks again for reading and stay safe everyone, ggsdolls

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