Sunday, September 13, 2020

Commissions this week!

 The past two days, I have received mostly commissions in the mail. These are items, that collectors have asked me to locate or buy for them. It makes me happy to know I can help others get and purchase their dream toys. I do have a small fee, but, trust me, I don't make millions from it. I don't advertise this service often. Mostly, because it can be time consuming and a lot of work, if you are a one person operation. But, it still gives me pleasure, in knowing that a fellow collector is able to get, what they have only dreamed about finding...

A fellow collector had me purchase these cuties called, "Calico Critters", and another set below. Lots of accessories too. I didn't open it up, and just took these initial photos to let the collector know, they arrived safely to me. Just adorable too! The train set is for a collector in the UK. I've helped him with other sets before. So, it was nice that he was able to get new/old item too.

The two Saila doll and friend above for another collector. She had been wanting a Saila since July. Sadly, we tried for an auction, but was outbidded. However, I was able to find her these two gals, from one of my favorite online shops. They are on their way to Singapore... I also bought this Saila mint in box car for my daughter. I had seen this car in Saila's booklet, but to find the car mint in box, Yesss!! The stickers weren't put on the car yet!! Whoa! And it plays music, I didn't know that it did! Haha.

Next, I won this cute Oike NOS plush squirrel. He comes with his original box and I already have him listed in my Etsy shop. In lovely minty condition too. He comes with his original tag, "Animal Pet" by Oike co. Japan. 1960s, I believe. I didn't take photos of his box. But, what an awesome find for sure. The same seller had a few other vintage NOS plushies listed!

Last, I found another NOS vintage Ninohira tiny cat brooch, while doing my usual searches. I was surprised to find it unopened. Of course I opened it and he is just so minty. I decided to keep the minty one with brown hair, and took the yellow cat with brown hair and gave her pink hair instead. What do you think? I may need to trim it a bit more...

Try to stay safe and well my friends!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

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