Thursday, December 24, 2020

Before you Invest...

 ...Investigate. Before you criticize, wait..." W.W.

It's Christmas Eve here on Guam!! This is what came in!

I received these two vtg dolls for a commission of a friend, and this unique Kogei Memo holder boy doll from Japan. You can hang him up and place your memo pad, pencils or pens by your desk. So cute and adorable too! I've already added him to my Etsy shop! I also, found this lovely vtg plush My Toy brand bunny. He is so cute and small too! I will add him later today. No tag, washed and cleaned and ready to be adopted!!

This lovely vtg Santa in a pink hat ornament, was a quick find while doing my usual searches. I love his kitsch face, and his beard is so curly and soft. He's already on my display for the Christmas holiday! Just in time too! Sara and I when uptown to drop customers boxes at the Post, and do a quick look at the Goody store, etc. I found these goodies there, well some... The cute pet knitted caps, I will use on plushies, some felt wool pompoms in blues, and pinks, and more felt sheets for my plushies to be made. The ribbons I got from Shop4Less. I was looking for solid yellow and blue, but none. Ugh. Still these striped ribbons will be useful too!

I decided to make a Pompom garland using the felt wool pompoms I got. I've seen these a few years back becoming popular, and they do sell them already made on Etsy. This time, I decided to take the ones I got and make my own. If you want to make them, here is a site that shows you how. Even after the holidays, these pompom garlands can be left up all year through! I basically, took the felt balls, used some floss thread I had from my old teaching days, when my students and I, made "Friendship" bracelets! With a large sewing needle, threaded them thru each felt pompom. They stay securely, once you pull them through and to the part of the thread you want them to stay at. I generally gave about an inch and a half between each pompom. I tied the ends... and TADA! You can hang them where desired!

In this case, I hung them in two areas for now. The pink pompoms were already in a lovely color sequence in the packaging, and I just kept it that way through out the garland. Same for the blue ones. I'll admit I went back there and got more, even in the larger size pompoms they have!! Garland making fun, continues!! I also tweaked the side laying pattern for my plushies, and made another fuzkitty in Aqua!! He is already listed in my Etsy shop.

I used the black dotted Japanese Rushton fabric this time for the underside. He has a squeak in his right paw, and a rattle in his tummy!

I hope you all are being safe and well!! Have a great Christmas Holiday my friends!!

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

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