Monday, June 7, 2021

Vtg Finds From The Last Week or So...

 I have seen these lovely children's suitcases from fellow collectors before. Mostly in the backgrounds to their decor of recent finds. I decided to find out what they were...

The one I've seen often was a lamb surrounded by little animals and a small pond in front of her. I believe, this is the most popular one. So, when I searched it up, I found out that these were children's suitcases. I was able to find one in a style I liked, and it arrived from the States fast!

This vtg child's suitcase, designed by Margaret Holbrook has animals, a bear, lamb, pig, bunny, and rooster on a train headed away from, "Toyville" as the sign says. This Midcentury, Dolly Suitcase, is from the 1950s. Features a sweet lithograph, and the wood case itself,  is Made by LUCE Manufacturing in the US. Made of paper covered over wood, it has a plastic handle in white, and metal lock clasp. The entire case is covered by this lithograph. Inside, the suitcase is also covered in a lithograph with white and either gold or silver stars. Well, at least mine does. The backside of the case comes in either blue or pink pattern design. Which I believe to be "Blue" for boys, and "Pink" for girls.

The styles I've seen so far, are "Train", "Lamb", "Two Bears", "Carriage", and a "Sailboat". Now, I can see why these suitcases are popular and sought after by some collectors. The art is reminiscent of nursery rhymes and books of that time, and that time frame has many of the kitsch artistry we know and love with anthropomorphic animals! Next, I received this lovely vintage Mattel Barbie & Midge button and zipper accents. I figured with a few of the dolls I do have one might need some buttons! The packaging is just so cute too! I also got a few more decals, these are copies to the Meyercord decals. By the company Decorator in Canada. They might be a later release of the vintage Meyercord decals. Which makes sense as to their brighter colors, etc.

I was surprised, I found this lovely set of vtg ceramic red dotted fawn couple figurines. This is my 3rd or 4th set, to have found too. In lovely condition too, just missing their heart card that hangs off the chain. I also found this lovely vtg Japan furry Poodle Plush basket purse. In great condition, I've already added it to my Etsy shop! Then, this lovely white jointed plush rabbit ornament. It reminds me of the Easter bunnies in baskets we all enjoy getting, well at least the face does. But this version is made in China, and has markings for a company in the States. So definitely not made in Japan, like most are. Still he is cute and I will keep him for now...

Last, this lovely vtg Bantam plush musical action toy Mommy bun and Baby bun. She plays "Rockabye Baby" as the baby is fussing in her mother's arms. It still works too! I will be adding it to my Etsy shop soon! It is quite unique and lovely to see its movements. She still has her tag and card noting that it is an, "Action Toy!" How cool is that!

Lovely toy finds for the week. Have a great day!

and Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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