Friday, December 6, 2019

Busy, But Trying to List em'!

Okay, so trying to work through all my containers is not as easy as I thought it would be. LOL, slowly but surely it's getting there! Whew
Meong wearing another cute pink and white fashion from MLP. I love this one best, and the fashion came with little yellow shoes!! I also made sure to buy this book I made on Black Friday, through Snapfish. It a smaller book and I used, Happy Sachiyo Bunnies to create it. I will see if anyone is interested, then I will hold a pre order of the book... It's about a brother and sister team exploring my room and having an adventure doing it. It was fun and easy to create!

 Then, I bought new bedding for my bed. I love the colors too! I also helped Sara to create her very first book! She wrote and illustrated herself. All I did was edit and got the book printed! She did an awesome job and I'm so proud of her. Just like her sister Tabytha, who also made 3 books herself!

 This cutie Rune Naito is a coin bank and listed in my Etsy shop, along with this lovely Margaret talking doll. Not sure if she works. I will have to try her soon. A vintage Rune Sailor boy coin bank also available for adoption. Be sure to check out my shop!!

 This amazing Mini Mini Doll is similar to the PeeWee version by Uneeda. She comes with her very own doll carry case, and I love her cute long purple hair. I don't recall seeing these dolls with purple hair! All original and she has a little closet to hold her fashions in. She's just adorable and chubby! I hope to have her listed soon!

 She's the same size as the other little doll, I found here, The tiny terry clone. Please check my shop often. I'm slowly getting things added, and thank you so much for checking back with me and my shop.

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Wishing You All!!

...A blessed Thanksgiving, whether you celebrate it or not!

Many hugs,

Monday, November 25, 2019

Selling Continues...

Hey everyone! It's been really busy, since my last post and I've been updating my Etsy shop daily if I can with goodies directly from my collection. I also was able to snag a few goodies that I found online and have since listed them and they've sold. So, I just wanted to share a bit about them and more...

 First, I found these vintage My Little Pony Baby fashions from the 80s that fit my Meong somewhat. A bit tight, mostly with the fashions that have hoodies. But, the dresses fit nicely and go with her so well. I love the coloring. I'm awaiting a few more MLP fashions to share next time! Next, I found two MIB Passion Dolls made in Japan. I figured I'd keep the brunette. When they arrived, I didn't realize how huge they actually were! They are about 9 inches tall. I've mostly seen small ones, but this big! Whoa, and they are nice and minty too! Their eyelashes are nice and full and no missing plugs. I've already listed the Blonde, but the other I couldn't help but keep!!

 This lovely yellow bear planter was too adorable to pass up on Ebay. She has that Rushton type rubber looking face to me, and since I am selling off most of them, I figure I could keep this one as a reminder! Love her coloring too! Made by Relpo. Love her lashes too! Below, I found this lovely mint in package Putz type Christmas House ornament. I love the colors and design. Of course, I opened it up and I love the cardboard backing, it reminds me of the Candyland board game!!

This vintage Nani wind up toy cat, is just the cutest. Not working properly, but great for decor on my end table... He's mid century cute to me!! These ceramic vintage cat coin banks I won through Yahoo Japan. They were not expensive, and just needed a bit of a clean up. I was surprised, the I won. LOL I've already listed them in my Etsy shop and they sold within a few hours! Made by K and K Originals. They have cute striped hats and bows. Original stoppers too!

I've listed a few other rare goodies in my Etsy shop. Like these...

My rare ceramic animal cups. Adorable bunny, chick, lamb, and duck. So be sure to look out for them!!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls