Friday, October 18, 2019

Items Listed from My Collection!

I decided to let go of a few more items from my collection. I will list them after I post. So be sure to stop by my Etsy shop for some of my vintage treasures now available to you!
 I recently fell in love with fabric pumpkins thanks to IG, and found these two handmade creations by ShariStudio on Etsy! There were other shops selling em' too, but I fell in love with her pink dots and velvety blue pumpkin. They arrived fast and safely to me. I may need to get more for my little display! Just adorable!! I also, got these plastic angel head ornaments from Etsy. They remind me of posedolls with their quirky look. One was missing her face, so I made her one. I love the felt eyes and lips, and also added some blush to them! They're pastel coloring matches my display too!

 Next, I got this cute ceramic puppy couple from Japan. I sold a cat set a few years back. I will be adding this one to my Etsy shop also! So check my Etsy shop in a few... Then, I won this cute deer coin bank. She has a few issues, but, I fixed them. Hairline crack on her backside, sealed with glue now, and I added some pink fur for her hair. Now, she's a bit more stylish and fuzzy to love. I also replaced her rubber stopper. I will also be adding her to my shop.

 Last, I got this lovely head planter from Ebay. No markings, but I've seen her before. She is lovely, but I noticed, that her eyes were repainted and then sealed with a gloss. Sad part is that the gloss is only on the parts that are repainted. I will try to spray a gloss to make the face even. I'm also deciding if she will stay with me or not... LOL

Last night, at the Guam Museum, an event held for my mother in-law, Dr. Judy Flores, a Retrospective of her life's work. I am very humble by her and what she has done for our community and our island's people. She inspired so many people through out the years, and honestly it was bittersweet to see her receive the recognition, she deserves for all she does and continues to do for Guam and her people. Very blessed to be able to witness this! Last photo, taken by the awesome Ronald Castro. If you are on island be sure to stop by at the Guam Museum. Her Retrospective will be up until, February 2020. More information here, and on her website GUAM BATIK GALLERY.

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Onine Finds In For This Week!

Here are a few items that I received the past week...
This awesome VTG Chalkware baby doll head wall plaque, from Ebay, is just one of my favorite finds this week. It showed up the week I came back home and when I won it, I was completely giddy. It is made in Canada, and probably used as a medicine advertisement piece in a pharmacy perhaps? It came with a blue ribbon, but I changed it to the pink you see. I may need to trim it a bit more. It has a wire for hanging and stamped, "The Gas City of the West, Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada." Just adorable and a lovely roly poly style baby for sure!

 Next, this lovely Rune Naito style coin bank of an Indian girl holding her baby or a doll perhaps. It came in a lot with a necklace. I decided to bid and won her through Yahoo Japan. I will list the coin bank in my Etsy shop later today. She is in lovely condition and still has her original stopper. Just adorable and rare too. The necklace is a lovely pose doll style Ayumi Uyama look, with plastic shell and beaded pearl decor. A teen girl's fashion necklace. Sadly, one of the shells has a chip, but still a lovely necklace. I will keep for my collection for now.

 Then, I also got a lot of 2 vintage walker dolls with sleep eyes, both possibly 1950s and 1960s. One in her wedding dress above. She stands about 19 inches tall, comes with her white gown, white panties, socks, and a pair of red shoes. Her sleep eyes are a bit off, but can close and open. Similar to Oike sleep eye dolls. She is marked, "20" at base of the head. The 2nd doll is also about 19 inches tall also, wearing a white sailor dress with socks, panty, and shoes. She might be the younger of the two, and I believe may be called, "Margaret", not absolutely sure. Possibly made by Nakajima Seisakusho, no markings sadly. She has the most amazing blue eyes. I washed both dolls hair and clothing, because they were completely dingy and dark with age and dust. But, they turned out okay. I will definitely list the wedding walker in my Etsy shop.

 Last, I found a few things at the Goody store, and these cute pastel furry bow key chains are just adorbs. Chika chan clone wearing a Pippa jumper! She stopped by to say, "Hi!"

 Hope you all are having a safe weekend!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Happy Mail Opening, Now that I'm Home!

It was a great trip, but now back to the grind... I received several boxes in the mail while I was away and here's what I got...

 Inarco Baby figurines from the lovely Victoria of Classy and Sassy shop on IG. I was stunned to be able to snag these minty babies. They are just adorable and arrived safely to me. Thank you too for the gift Victoria!! I love these sets of figurines made around the same time frame. There are so many too! But, I don't think I can collect them all. Haha!

 Next, I found this cutie just before leaving for my trip via Etsy. A vintage Hong Kong Chika-Chan clone doll. She is about 6 inches tall and is wearing a lovely orange dotted jumpsuit, so mod and cute on her. I washed her hair and added a red ribbon and shoes, since she was missing hers. I love her tan face and dark brunette hair. Generally, Chika-chan is blonde, well at least the Japan version. I believe this version was called, "Teresita".

 I also, found this lovely deer art print lithograph. It's quite heavy and in lovely condition considering the backside is not so lovely. It's signed, "Herb". I just love the deer's big eyes. Quite unique and hard to find in the USA. This one came from all the way from the UK. The print matches my Lowes deer quite well too! Don't you think?! I may put this print up for grabs in my Etsy shop... I just don't have the wall space for it... LOL

 Last, my ultimate find on Etsy, for this month, at least... A vintage SIO made in Holland Boutique Dollhouse/Room. I was doing my usual searching, and this was listed, and immediately bought it. Quite unique, I know, I've seen something similar to this in an online museum for Puppenhaus from Germany. I just can't find the link as yet, but, I will update this post when I do. The boutique has advertisement decor and mod coloring through out in orange, pink and black, perhaps 1960s or 70s? A mirror at the back, with bars and tabs to hang clothing or decor for the shop. It is a bit larger then 1/12 scale, perhaps 1/10 in scale. Barbie would be too big, but, I believe Tadie Muz would fit nicely in here, since Chika is able to fit inside. I will try to break out my miniature furnishings to create a mod boutique look inside soon. Be looking forward to a photo shoot on this piece soon!! It has a stool that can be removed from the floor. Stamped, "SIO made in Holland", and "made in Holland, 13577".
 Truly an awesome find! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

 Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls