Sunday, December 17, 2017

Mermaids, Mermaids Everywhere!

A fellow collector I met through Instagram, loves everything about the Toei Animation of The Little Mermaid. He inspired me to dig out my old mermaid movie I made back in 2014!
You can also find it on my youtube channel here. I ended up being inspired to take Charlotte back out and try to make more stop-motion shorts... Now, to just find time to make em'! LOL

I also took out of storage my gold fish ornaments and they are hanging on my sea glass mobile.
 I did receive in the mail, these cute retro vintage fruit hair clips from the UK. I was not expecting them to be this large, but they are cute nonetheless. A great addition to my hair clip collection.

One of my vintage Japanese version hair clips, for comparison...

Then, I took Nana-chan out, and had her try on an orange mermaid tail. She looks so cute too!
I just love mermaids, don't you?!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Online Finds This Week!!

Here's what came in the mail today!! Mail has been trickling in slowly. So, today when my postal carrier called and said, "Cyn, you've got a few boxes!" I quickly made my way to her to pick them up. We were hoping a few were Christmas gifts that were ordered, not. Oh well...

 Here are some new and vintage finds online that did make it in! A Macoto T. sweatshirt, a swan figurine couple set #2, a pink striped kitty coin bank, a Bambi TV music box #2, and Kung Fu shoes or most call them Mary Jane shoes! Some of ebay, most from Yahoo Japan.

First, this cute vintage kitty coin bank in pink with stripes. He's quite unique. He has a ribbon tie to keep his head in place, and when you are ready to take out your coins just untie the ribbon and you have easy access to the coins. Love his huge eyes!

 I'm having a hard time deciding to put him in the shop or not... Next, I found another swan figurine couple set. Not, great but still lovely. May need repaint on the girl swan's beak. They will be added to my shop soon.
 I could not believe I found another vintage Bambi music box television set!! What? Yup, when it rains, it pours guys! Haha. I will keep one and sell one, so be sure to look out for it to be listed in my shop soon!
 The latest one works find, but I think the song is different?
 My favorite of the finds is this lovely 2017 Jenny Fax Macoto collaboration Jenny red sweat shirt in Medium. I found out that these sweat shirts were sold earlier this year, I believe it was back in February. Colors were red, baby blue, white, and black. Wish, I had known, I wouldn't ordered one sooner. Still happy that I was able to get this via auction. They are sold out and you can't find them any where. Sadly, I looked and looked.

 Lovely black velvet Mary Jane or Ballet flat shoes made in China, but sold in the USA, I got through ebay. There are other colors, and they go up to a size 11! I got them, because they remind me of a pair my Mom got me back in the 80s growing up. We called them Kung Fu shoes back then though. They were my faves and I wore them so much, they fell apart! Haha. The memories... They look nice with the sweatshirt too! Don't they?
 Taby and I stopped by our local Kmart, and as we were browsing the Christmas decor aisles, in a tall basket were these deer ornaments!! What??!
 The are very similar deers to the cute creatures I bought back in 2014, here. A Japanese artist made them. If I recall right, they were selling for $25 a pop, and here I found the very same design or style in gray and tan for only $6.99!! Ugh! So not nice, as Taby would say.
 I didn't even bother getting any. Though I was tempted. Haha.

 I took out these lovely colored gold fish ornaments my mother in-law gave me a few years back. I have them currently handing on my sea glass mobile. Then, my sister sent me a care package from Washington. Sadly, the mug didn't survive the travel, but she new we'd love all the yummy goodies inside. Gotta say I love me some Dollar Tree! Thanks sis! The girls and I have treats for the Christmas break.
 Taby had to do a project that required she visit an Historical site. So, we decided to stop by Fort Santa Agueda in Agana Heights. Just look at this view!!

You can see down town Hagatna, Tamuning, all the way to Barrigada Heights and even Mangilao! It was a breezy hot day though, whew!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

My How Time Flies By!

2017 zipped by super quickly. I'm still in denial that it will soon be 2018! LOL

 Here are my best nine photos via Instagram for 2017. Thank you all so much for the likes and for just reading my posts. I truly appreciate you all for loving ggsdolls. It means a lot to me. Si Yu'us Ma'ase/ Thank you very much, in Chamorro, and from the bottom of my heart.

Okay, before I start crying... LOL I had this lovely retro Raglans in Unisex size XL made with my vintage unicorn love creation on it. I listed it via my etsy shop Yesterday and it sold this morning! So truly happy with that. I hope to make more and in other sizes too! More on this later...
 I fell in love with the quality and feel of this baseball tee. So soft and very comfortable. I'm hoping to do my other designs later and more. So stay tuned!

I bought another vintage Shiba Co. Francine mint in package, mostly because of the blouse she is wearing. Little did I realize, thanks to Thanos on IG, he reminded me that it was Kamar's doll dress. I was wondering why her top drew me!? Ha. Yup, I know that for many of the dolls that Shiba Co. created back in the 60s and 70s, they were mixed and matched with other dolls. Basically, sometimes you can find some dolls sold by a sister company or mixed in with dime store sold toys and dolls in Japan around the same time frame.

 I took her out of package and decided to try my hand at re-rooting. I want to change the color of her hair and the style.
 I started to use mohair from my needle felt stash. It looked interesting, but maybe not for doll hair. Some strands kept coming out. I decided this type of mohair won't work. So, I'm waiting for saran hair to come in the mail. More on this later...

I posted a few of these items through IG, they are available for sale. Just email me if you are interested!

 Pre-owned and used, but still lovely!

 My fave Santa by Kamar, ready for Christmas too! Are you?

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Monday, December 4, 2017

My Copyright Poem, Upcycled Projects, Snaps from Guam!

This past summer, I decided to get a poem I had written back in 1995 copy written. I knew one day, I would probably publish it, but at the same time I wanted to be sure it was protected. So, I paid the $40 and finally after about 5 months, my written works is certifiably copyrighted with The Library of Congress! Yay! I got the letter and certificate in the mail today!

 Here is my poem...
I was about 24 years old and still trying to find myself, when I wrote this poem. I photographed, Sara and Tadie Muz for the poem over the Summer, 2017. What do you think of it? Love to hear your thoughts.

I also decided to work on some projects that were sitting around. This cutie I posted before here. Sadly, I just noticed his hairline crack, ran down his face and mouth too. Ugh. I decided to make him a furry. He's just to cute not too, with his huge head and big eyes. Turned out nicely too.
 This cutie, I added a red dotted bow and a black ribbon. She's already listed in my shop. She's so very prissy isn't she?
I'm planning to re-flock the dog coin bank with red beret. More on him later.

I took some photos while we were at the beach over the weekend. It was overcast and started to rain, but still lovely...

 Then, last night the moon was huge from the North as we headed to the Airport to drop off my mother in-law's car. She was coming in from a late flight.

Have a wonderful week everyone and many warm hugs from Guam!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Online Kitschy Cute Finds!

My how time flies, it is already December 2nd here on Guam and its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Here are some kitschy cute finds that made its way through all the Christmas hubbub!

I found this cute vintage posedoll sitting with blue hair on Yahoo Japan. She will need a bit of cleaning. But, I just love her tropical dress and blue hair!
 Maybe I will add a bow to her hair after clean up?!

 This unique vintage figurine from Yahoo Japan, is an African boy planter, I believe. Just found him unique and may need a bit of touching up on his paint. He will be added to my etsy shop soon!

 I found this cutie with no bidders via Yahoo Japan! Vintage spotted puppy with a red beret. He is a coin bank and will be added to my shop on etsy.

 I just love his big eyes. His beret may need a bit of re-flocking, but otherwise, he's just adorable!
 I also won this lot of glico girly toys. I really wanted the pink case most. Many tiny vintage treasures I've seen on the glico girls toy boxes.
 The bunny head is a purse, a ring with a butterfly and flower that move, a bear brush and mirror, a pair of scissors with mirror and comb combo.
 My fave, the case like purse, inside, is a tiny comb and mirror. I will have to look for one of my mirror sticker sheets to replace the mirror sticker that is missing. I've seen this set before, I believe it may be a Lotte Licca chan set instead of glico?

 I also wanted to share, I found a shop through etsy that can do custom designs Raglan Baseball shirts. I did a test run and got this cute shirt with meyercord bunny made. It's actually a 2XL, but had Taby model it for me anyways. LOL, its PJs on her!  I love how it turned out, and the price was not bad too!
 More on this soon! Then, after picking up Taby from half day class, we decided to go to the mall and have lunch! We had to check out Ross too! We saw this cute sheep hoodie, it was so soft, but too warm for Guam! LOL There was even a pink one, that was a bunny. You can barely see the faces on the hoodie. Still cute. One size fits all type.
 As we sat and ate lunch, I noticed a lot of Japanese school students, mostly boys, so maybe an All Boy High School, was touring the mall. I was very happy to see that the Japanese student exchange programs have started back again and more Japanese tourists are coming back to Guam! Yay! A blessing for sure.

I hope you all are having a good early December and getting into the giving spirit. For me, its a bit of a slump, but hopefully the Christmas Spirit will enlighten me asap?!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls