Friday, January 18, 2019

Restoration on a Gund Bumble Bee and More!

I was able to adopt this vintage Gund Bumble Bee at a really nice price on ebay. He arrived to me safely and I started to work on him Yesterday...
 Upon inspection, he was missing his antennae, he has some rust stains on his chest, and some paint missing on his eyebrows, and tip of his nose. He didn't have any odors, but I figured maybe if I washed him it could help to remove the rust stains. I placed him into the washer on medium load and as soon as he was done. I immediately took him out to air dry. His wings came off, and he needed to be reformed on his head and body, because from the spin cycle, his body became misshapen. I left him to air dry for 24 hours. Then, today, I began the restoration process...

I started with his wings first. It was basically two layers of felt material. So, I decided to add pipe cleaners into it, in order for the wings to keep its shape and help with posing too. I was able to separate the layers. Then add four pipe cleaners twisted in a wing shape. Then, I re-glued the layers together. I set the wings aside, and began working on his antennae. I had black felt and black pipe cleaners. I shaped and cut the pipe cleaners into the size that would be nice and began sewing the felt around the pipe cleaner. I took some yellow puff balls, since I didn't have black ones and had sewn them onto the tips of the felt. I left one end of the antennae opened in order to sew them onto the sides of the Bee's head.
They fit perfectly! I decided not to glue his wings on, but sew them in place. Sadly, since washing him, he was losing a lot of his fur, but at least the rust stains were gone. He had some areas missing patches of fur too, darn. But, he still looked nice. I added a yellow ribbon and some pink Forget me nots. Last, I touched up his nose, and eyebrows with dark brown acrylic paint and sealed. Last, I bent his arms and legs in a pose I wanted. I'm thinking, I may change the ribbon to baby blue, to bring out his eyes...

 Before above, and after. You can see his fur is a lot brighter, and his antennae looks nice considering its not all black in color. He will live with my other furry friends for now. I'm very pleased with the way he turned out. He was fun to restore and I'm very proud I was able to give him back his missing antennae.

 I ordered a few more Mohair pieces and they arrived to me safely also. I got more of the Aqua 2" pile, along with baby pink, and turquoise. I know I could use them for furries or as backgrounds in my photos. I love how lush the fur is, and how deep their hues are. Next, I got a lovely romper fashion for my dolly from Endangered Sissy on Etsy. I've always wanted one of Pam's rompers and this was the last set available. Now, to take out one of my dollies to try it on!! Last, I won this wind up US mail box coin bank, on ebay!! I have seen it before on IG from a fellow collector. So, to finally have this piece is just awesome, and it still works!!

 Basically, you place the coin on the red dot and the weight of the coin is suppose to start the winding mechanism to make the hand inside the mail box come out, and take the coin into the mail box. But, I have to push onto the red button deeper to make it start. Mostly, because I have to figure a way to set the button a bit higher. I'll figure it out later...  I love his big eyes, the mustache, the over all look of the toy. I didn't realize how small it was too?! He's only about 5 inches tall. Just cute and adorable. He will be added to my collection as well...

 I hope to have some items in next week for the shop, so visit back later. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

My Trade Arrives!

I recently posted via instagram a trade of my Furry Pup coin bank to see what other collectors might offer for him...

Some offered to buy, others offered squeaks, and figurines, all of which were some really great items. But, I wasn't really looking for anything in particular or more so, I wasn't even sure what I might be interested in?! Ugh. But, I definitely wanted to re-home him. So, after a few days, a dear fellow collector offered her huge sweater puppy wearing a hat. I figured that this pup would go really well with my huge sweater cat! So, off I sent Mr. Blue furry Pup and here arrived sweater pup! The Vintage Unicorn, sent her pup well packed and she arrived safely to me. Box a bit battered, and wet, but inside, the figurine was fine. Whew! The figurine was very dirty from years of dust, the ear fur was supposed to be white, but it was gray, almost black. The hat was a bit brittle, and the tail and bow were delicate to touch. I decided to try to clean her up...
  I immediately remove the hat, the ear fur, bow, and puff tail. I took Clorox wipes, the safe ones, and wiped her down. Caked on dust was underneath the hat. After allowing the figurine to dry. I was trying to decide on fur coloring for the ears and hair. Yup, I was going to put a bouffant hairstyle. Well, I did, but after I rushed on it last night, the next morning I decided not to do a bouffant. Because it was a bit too large a look on her, and her head was not rounded but flat for the hat. Making it even harder to place a hairstyle to be puffy. Instead, I added just the blue fur onto the ears, a new bow, and new puffy tail. I took off the shredding ribbon on the hat and added a black ribbon instead. The hat is actually placed backwards, since the backside looks nice and clean still! Haha. What do you think? I could've used white fur instead on the ears, but I don't care for it to turn brown after years of display, so nope. I did think about using pink or yellow, but I've never seen a combination of red with blue. Have you? So, that's what I ended up with...

The sweater pup is even more huge then the sweater cat!! About 15 inches tall. I think she turned out cute and just as lovely, keeping the original hat with only a few slight changes.  I also got in these cute vintage small figurines with bow ties from ebay. The lot came with an elephant, two birds, and a cow. I had just sold a few of my bow tie cuties last month. LOL, so to find these, I was like why? I will eventually sell them I'm sure, since I sold off some of the others I had in my collection. We will see... The birds are new to me. I've always wanted the elephant, and to have the birds in yellow and red, Yesss!

 Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, January 12, 2019

80s Find and ggsdolls Tees!!

Hello fellow collectors, I hope you all are having a great start to 2019?! It's been a busy week with cleaning the guesthouse for the next tenants and finding online kitschy cute stuff!! Here's what I discovered the past week...
 I was able to win this lovely vintage 1980s Bandai dollhouse, called, "Everyone's House." Sadly, it was quite expensive just to bring it in. Ugh. But, worth it. I still love dollhouses, though you may not see me buying them as often as I used to. I just need time to break them out of storage and set them up. Oops, back to this dollhouse, I guess with this dollhouse when they meant 'everyone' it meant for any doll not just one in particular. During my searches, I have seen the furniture pieces for this dollhouse a lot. I've always wondered for what dollhouse those furniture pieces were for. Now, I know. LOL There are 3 styles of dollhouses, one with white and a red roof, one in green with blue roof and this one in yellow with a pink roof. The house has 1 doorway, and 3 windows, all can open and close. It comes with extension floor, gated patio with fuzzy grass, and a ladder. The floors are in green tile and on the flip side wood flooring. The furniture pieces are all sold separately. There is a bunk bed set, twin bed, sofa, two chairs with coffee table set, hutch, sink, dining set, closet, plants, and even curtain and rug accents. But as I stated all sold separately. Don't they look like Epoch's Sylvanian Families houses?!

 The furniture remind me a lot of Tomy Homes furniture pieces. So, maybe even those pieces might fit. Not sure as I don't own any of those pieces, I think? Ha. I would have to check. Now, if only I could figure out how to remove the floors, to change them to the wood style. The green tile is not so attractive. Hopefully more on this dollhouse soon! Then, Sara and I found this lovely site called, London! They have the cutest little stuffed animals and they are nicely priced too, nothing that brakes the bank. Yess! We ordered the little bunnies they had, about 7 inches tall, in blue, dark blue, and brown. They arrived in less than 2 weeks, and they are just adorbs guys!!

 We added ribbons to each of them. Their ears are so long and floppy, soft to the touch too, and they definitely remind me of 'Mimzy' from the movie, "The Last Mimzy". They are small enough to take anywhere too! So, you know little kids and even big kids, like Sara will love em'. Sara used her savings to buy her bunbuns. I just had to get one for myself too. She owns the brown bunny she named, "Mimzy", well we both did. Ha. And, the dark blue bun is 'Blue Berry', and mine is in the middle. Well, you know I had to get one with the paisley design. She is actually called, "Blossom Aqua" on the site. I haven't figured any name yet. Sara thinks she should be called, "Penelope". Hmm, maybe? You have to check out the site, so many other animals and there so cute and just the right size too! Oh, forgot to mention they each came with a blue Jellycat bag to keep them safe in or use to hold other goodies! Nice!
 Just the other day, Taby and I went shopping at Ross, and she showed me this lovely piece. A mermaid art, with a cutout of a mermaid and lovely shiny fabric underneath the outline. Just adorable and I did like it, but I have so many things I still need to hang up, where would this fit?! Haha. Nope, I didn't buy it, and that's okay. I will have a photo to remember it. Below, just a quick shelfie of my furry pup and retro radio, one last time. I ended up trading him. I love the pup don't get me wrong, but he is so much larger then my other fur pups that its a bit awkward. So, he is being re-homed with someone I know who will definitely appreciate him! More on the trade later...

 Last, I designed this lovely "Fawn Love' V-neck Tee!! I just got it in today, and will be adding to my shop soon! I don't know about you, but I love my vintage ceramic fawns so much, and I hope since we don't have more of them easily to be found, that these Tees are the next best thing to have!! If they do well, I will get more in for my shop! Let me know what you think?
 Sara modeling a size L/Large. They are fun and festive for Valentine's coming up right?! Ha!
I will list them in the shop later today!

Have a wonderful weekend all!! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

More Tinklechan Etc!

While visiting one of my usual online Japanese shops, I discovered another loose Tinkle chan doll with her original stand!! Yippee! She arrived safely to me today and I'm just pleased as punch to have her! She is a blonde haired version, wearing her original dress. Sadly, dirty. But still lovely. I was able to wash her hair and stand to get most of the caked dust off. But sadly, her dress is another story...

 All the Tinklechans together, my first post on Tinkle chan here. I will need to repaint their shoes, and find stands for the other two dolls. A lovely addition to my little collection. I also received this lovely Mint-Lee noka record, flyer and bag set from Japan. A fellow collector Mayutan on IG, shared she could get a set if anyone was interested. So, I message her and she picked up the set and sent it to me. I love, the vintage look of the record, flyer, and bag. It is basically a band named, Mint-Lee noka, which consist of band mates, Midori Okamura, Mayutan, and Sayu Candy. They play fun retro style music as puppets of vintage stuffed animals seem to come to life during the night to play music.  They had a special show, with the actual record released on December 21st. I love the concept, and the fact that they released a children's 45rpm record just like those from Show era it's amazing! You can find out more via their website here. Now, if only I had a record player... Sam where's your record player?! Ha.

 I just love the artwork on the bag, flyer and record! You can see, a vintage stuffed animal plush, Gund Boopsy Growler bear, My toy bear, a Nichibo bear, and I think it's a chipmunk? LOL

Here you can watch a sneak peek of the show!! Looks like fun too!

Last, I got this retro bubble night light, just like those vintage bubble lights from the 50s and 60s. This is a night light you could use year round. I love that it works and you can see all the bubbles too, reminds me of those lava lamps a bit! Just a few finds for my collection...
A slow-mo taken. Just excuse the news report in the background! Haha.

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls