Saturday, October 13, 2018

Finds for My Shop on Etsy!!

Happy Mail arrived today, well really Yesterday. But, sadly my postal person, forgot to give us a key to the second box that had my other mail. LOL!

So, here's what came in!!
 I had won a lot of the plastic rose baskets again. This time these will be available for those who want to buy. I noticed that a lot of my fellow collector friends wanted to buy the ones I had gotten. So, it was nice to see there was more available. I found a Chibikko chan mate dress fashion, and this lovely Hat hair clips still on its card!!
 I took the clips off the card to clean each clip and card off. Sadly, years of dust on them. But as soon as I was done, they were all lovely. They could fit Blythe dolls too!! I will list a color of each in my Etsy shop! There is blue, pink, and red to choose from! So retro and adorable too!

 I also got this swimmer fawn dresser mirror, I hadn't seen this color version. Lovely, too just like the brown one I got last time. I will also add this to my Etsy shop! Nice condition, she does have some scuffing on her forehead. Otherwise, great!

 This Chibi mate doll dress, I got because it was cheap! I will try it on one of my smaller dolls, and show you later on. I also won this cute ceramic Horse figurine. Sadly, no other bidders, so I got him. I added some sheer ribbon, but maybe I will make him a saddle and he will look a lot happier. He has a tuft of Rabbit fur for a mane. LOL

 I may decide to add him to my Etsy shop as well... Please check out my shop later for newly added vintage goodness!!

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Cutest Little Dish Towel and A Trade.

Oh my goodness, I saw the cutest dish towel via IG from a fellow collector, nawteakittea. So cute, I had to have it!! I searched via google and found it up grabs on their website. These very cool and very blunt goods are made by The dish towel I speak of is below... ***Warning, language not suitable for young audiences 21 years of age and younger, and those who may take offense to the cussing** Teehee!
Believe it or not, when Taby went to check the mail, she came back to me in the car in shock. Basically, on the customs form of the package, it says exactly, what it says on the dish towel, "Cute Little Fuckers" Dish Towel. She was like, "Mom! The language!" I just looked at her, smiled, and we laughed all the way home! Haha. Yup, the kitschy cute dish towel has the cutest little forest animals, surrounding a little cute 1950s girl, painting one of them, a fawn, as all the other forest animals look on. At the top, in bright red letters, "Cute Little Fuckers" on it. I know language, right. But, its so true. This goes back to my explanation about "Nursery Kitsch" taking off, and now more than ever, it is showing up in a lot of the goods that are being produced and sold today.

 The quality is wonderful and will be great for drying your dishes. I love the colors and the size is nice and large too. Then, I read the tag... it says, that 1 percent of the proceeds will go to Hunger Relief programs through out the world. What, no way! Awesome! Not only are you drying your dishes with a very absorbent towel, you are fighting World Hunger! Yesss!  I'm hoping this design is made into socks, totes, etc. There are other awesome items on their website to choose from!! I want everything! Ha!

I also wanted to share, this awesome trade I did with a fellow collector via IG, welovepunch. I actually saw this little cutie she had via her posts, and noticed it was the very same cutie, that another fellow collector, feeriqueshop, had in her collection. Feerique, posted it earlier this year, saying she found this cutie and that he was a sharperner. When I saw Ami's cutie, I knew immediately, that they were the same. I asked, Ami if she was interested in a trade, and she was! I was more so glad I found something that she liked in my collection, the pink Tacoplast Mobley type bear I got last month. So we made and even trade, and my little cutie arrived safely to me today, all the way from Sweden.

 From the time I saw him, he reminded me of one of my vintage squeak toys, the pink bear! So, I'm not sure if he is a reproduction and made into sharperners and sold. But he is definitely made from a similar mold as the squeak toy bear. I photographed them side by side so you can see. Awesome trade! Thank you, Ami!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

New Old Furry Figurine Makeover!!

It has been awhile since I've found a vintage furry figurine. The first time, I found one, there were two being sold on Etsy. These days, more and more collectors are keeping an eye out for em'. So, they go pretty quickly when found. This one is a kitty figurine, I found through Instagram, seller's name, Wanwin is also on Etsy. I DMed him, when he posted and got her in the mail today. I knew beforehand, that the she would need some TLC to make her lovely again...
 Before, she wore a gingham red and white hat, she had cotton candy pink and blue fur along with red and gold trim around the neckline. Sadly, I tried to clean and salvage her fur, before deciding to remove it completely. I took off the hat and fur hair, it was just too dingy. After, lots of wiping of the fur and brushing. It didn't do enough to take off the years and years of caked on dirt and dust. Ugh. So, I first checked, to make sure I had the fur colors needed to replace it. Sure enough, I did. Yay! Luckily, I kept the cut outs from my other furry projects... The toughest part was trying to remove the caked on glue on her left eye to her eyebrows. Yuck. But, I got most of it off. Whew.

 In the end, I did keep her original gold and red neck trim, and just replaced the body fur and added pink fur as hair. What do you think? I still have the hat if I decide to put it back on her... Then, I also finished making the body to the cute rubber face lamb I got last month from Hellodollfacemolly. It was fun to put her together and now, she is friends with the little ducky I made also!

 I also, tried the bonnet I got from ebay, on the girl Rushton bunny. I took off the hat and vest she had on. Now, she looks cuter with just the bonnet and flowers. Nice and simple. Talking bunny fun...

 Also, if you are interested in pre-ordering a Happy Sachiyo Bunny, I'm willing to help for a small fee. Basically, Sachiyo does preorders at the end or beginning of the month. These are the cuties you can order below. In the 2nd photo it says the details of the bunny. (Please note: these are not my photos, but Happy Sachiyo and all rights belong to her.) There are only two slots for commissions, so let me know asap!

These cuties are a pre-order only. It takes one month until she is ready to ship the bunny to you. Also, you just need to decide on the color you want. In the photo, there is pale blue, pink, blue, and beige. Each bunny stands only 15 - 16cm or 6 inches tall, from feet to ears. She uses Alpaca mohair, etc., glass eyes, and 5 hardboard joints, with stainless steel balls, and cotton to fill. They are jointed basically and you can move the arms and legs to stand or sit to pose. Shipping is free and included in the price. She sells them at 20,500 JP yen or about $182 US dollars. (Please note: depending on currency exchange for the yen, it is subject to change slightly and also paypal currency exchange is generally lower, than Yahoo's exchange rate.) If you are interested please contact me here.

They are cute and so worth every cent. Believe me. They look like those adorable Meyercord decals bunnies come to life! I love the one's I currently have and I'm awaiting another! If you wait until she has them up for auction, they can cost a lot more in the secondary market. She is also allowing me to take preorders for the larger size bunnies, 38cm or 15 inches tall! Each bunny is 38,000 JP yen or $336 US dollars, other fees will apply. Email me for further information on final costs. I'm so tempted to preorder a large one, I will just have to save up for that 15 inch cutie!!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, October 5, 2018

Mail Call For Today!

Here are a few goodies, that arrived to me today...
 From Yahoo Japan, I received this lot of two boxed cuties, and a Lot of vintage pencil covers still mint in package! The lot of pencil covers I have seen before in previous auctions. This time I won a set, Yay! I opened one package of the covers and instead of using the bubble stickers that came with them, I took Macoto Takahashi washi tape and put them on... What do you think?

 They will be a part of my collection. Love me some Macoto Galaxy eyed cuties, don't you?! LOL
 The large box has a mint bobble head retro dog in yellow. I have a red one up in my Etsy shop for sale. I will keep this yellow one. He reminds me of the larger Shiba dogs that are plush, but this one is smaller, not plush and can't easily fit into my display case. While taking up only a little amount of space. Yesss! He comes with his original necklace and pendant by the maker. "Mimi Pet" by Sanei.

 Next, are these vintage chained lambs I found on Etsy. At first glance, I thought their eyes seemed a bit bug eyed to me. But, the colors and the more I looked at them, they caught my attention. So, I quickly bought them, and later saw that the baby lamb had a chip off her hoof. Oh well, I still love them. I liked how the seller described them as, looking like they were blow up balloons. Definitely unique. But I love their yummy pink bubble gum color and the white frosting on them! Simply delicious to look at. Haha.

 They weren't expensive and fit nicely into the spot where I had the Norcrest deer couple. I've been looking at my rare figurine collection and I believe its time for them to be loved by others... So, I sold off two rare ones, my Norcrest Deer couple and now, the long cute Rune cats. Be sure to visit my shop on Etsy, you may see some of the rare items from here up for grabs!

 Last, I received a very much anticipated box from my sister from another mister, Blaire/comickitsch!! She bidded on a lot of plush cuties on ebay for me. Because the seller wouldn't ship to Guam. Ugh. But, Blaire was such a sweetheart and got them for me. Thanks sis!! I also, commissioned her to draw for me an ISO, vintage Rushton sad bear, that cries and holds his hanky and is suppose to be a windup musical toy... If any of you find one, think of me please and message me ASAP! Much appreciated.
 OH MY GOSH!! Look at him, I just want to hug him! Blaire did an amazing job of capturing his likeness. I love him sis!!!! Now, to find a frame to match. She even gifted me, another art piece, and a lot of little extras too!! A beautiful Rune Naito ceramic bank art. We both saw this via Yahoo Japan and saw the coin bank sold for a very high price. But now, I have this art instead. Thank you again dearest Blaire, you don't realize how much I truly appreciate all your kindness towards me. May you be blessed in all you are and do sis. Thank you, I will treasure them. Now, to get more frames, Yippee!!

 A closer look at the two plushies I got. This is a vintage made in Japan skunk or is he a squirrel? LOL Similar to many of the bears, I've gotten before with this rubber face is that, these are filled with sawdust. I love this skunk more so for his color. Yes, I'm a bit partial to pastels and mostly blue. Haha. He will be added to my small plush collection. His partner, a Dakin Dream pet bunny. Probably an Easter bunny. He is also made in Japan and filled with sawdust. I had to fix the side of his neck. Sadly, he had a tear and sawdust was basically falling out of him. He has wires in his ears, so you can pose them. I did replace his ribbon, and added a fabric sticker of a panda on his pillow. Which may actually be an egg perhaps? He will be added to my shop soon.

 Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls