Friday, January 19, 2018

Cherry Chan Fun!

It's been fun dressing and redressing my Cherry Chan! I took out some of my doll clothing that were in storage, and finding the dresses I've had for years that fit her. It just changes her look with each fashion selection!!
 An Azone International Pure Neemo dress from 2016, I believe. I've added a pink ribbon and a teal blue ribbon choker necklace. Underneath is a Kikipop bloomers. Sorry not shown.
 One of my fave styles on her. It's a bit of a tight fit at the back when you are trying to secure the velcro, but it works.

Then, I took out this dress from Sugar Mag on ebay, I believe, I had since 2007. Oh, my there was a reason I kept this dress! LOL
 Made for Blythe, I got this dress for a 1/6 bjd. The name of the doll escapes me, sorry, Oh well. Stockings by Azone International, shoes generic made for Blythe, from Hong Kong. I added a white ribbon, and white bow from Daiso on her head.

She's like a little Lolita Girl from Harajuku! Just adorable. If you haven't fallen in love with this doll. In time I know you will... Sorry, in advance dear friends. I'm just in awe...

Cherry Chan singing, "Just Like a Star". Also fun with the app again, to create this!
Have a wonderful weekend dear friends!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Miyuki Odani's Detective Prom Queen Cherry Chan!!

Finally, I was able to get my hands on a Miyuki Odani's "Be My Baby" Cherry Chan doll. This is the Shinjuku Isetan Release from December 2017. I had actually fell in love with Cherry chan back in October and was even very close to snagging an "Abbie" Cherry chan. But, because I just happened upon the sale page and didn't have a proxy buyer, I lost out. Ugh!!

Oh well, this time. I was able to get one that a friend was letting go. Yippee! She arrived safely to me today, and I couldn't be more thrilled.
 I liked all three versions, but my friend was only letting the prom queen go. I love her bangs and wavy hair. I quickly opened her up and noticed she had no shoes. LOL She comes with her original box, pennant, pink dress, and pearl necklace.
 Back side of the box. She had tie straps on her, a bit harder to reuse later. Oh well. Just as lovely as other collectors photos of the same doll!
 From my research on her, she was created by Miyuki Odani, who is also famous for her work on Blythe dolls, Blythe doll fashion, and her company "Doll House". I have seen many collectors of her dolls that were first released back in 2015. So many lovelies too. The one thing that draws me to her, is her eyes...
I was telling Taby, that they look like she's either in shock or died. It's her small pupils and seemingly blank stare. Taby noted her large lips too. I told her, but that's what makes her unique. She is definitely, not a Barbie or Blythe doll.
 I redressed her in a Kiki Pop doll dress, yes, it barely fits at the back side, but it suits her. A pair of red stockings, with shoes for Pure Neemo dolls and glasses for Licca Chan.
 She can fit some clothes by Azone so far, and I will have to check what other dolls clothing. I know Blythe clothes as well can fit her.

I also found that a coat I got for my other sweet Oike doll a few years back, can fit my Toddler Oike too. Yay! I had resewn the buttons on it to fit better.
 Taby had a doctors appointment, so for lunch I stopped by Tokyo Mart and picked up a Pork Katsu Bento lunch. Yum!
 We even did a bit of shopping at ROSS and found a photo frame for Taby's graduation photos, and this cool message board. Cheap too!

 Just couldn't resist some cotton candy from ROSS too! LOL
It's been a really nice slow week, a good thing too. Hope you are having a good one as well?!
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Friday, January 12, 2018

Sweet Oike Toddler Doll

I recently bidded on a vintage baby doll via Yahoo Japan and won. I'm not sure if I've seen her before or not. But, now that she's arrived. I may have...

 I believe she is a vintage Oike Co. doll. I've seen the box titled "Soft Vinyl Doll". From a past auction. But, upon inspection of the doll, there are no markings. So, it might be possible she was an earlier release, maybe early 60s. She comes with her original hat, dress, shoes, underpants, and socks. A bit dingy, and needed a good wash.
 She has such a sweet smile with two teeth peeking out from her mouth. Chubby legs, and arms too! A perfect toddler dolly! Lovely bubble cut hair style too. I just couldn't resist. She will be added to my collection. I also added two red ribbons to her lovely curly locks.

 Just a quick shelfie pic!
 Later, I was able to snag this lonely cutie via etsy. I found him unpurchased and missing its partner, but in great condition! Even the chain is lovely. He will be added to my collection for now.

From the large platter of cookies we got from our Aunt for Christmas, I found this cute plastic toy drum ornament, in plain silver. Then, I decided to make it a bit cuter!
 I took it apart and printed these cute bunnies. Now, it's even more adorable!
 Lovely Meyercord bunnies decorate it. I will definitely be using this in my photos!

I've been having a blast creating more of these cute ads!!
 and this one too!
Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Vintage Online Finds!

Online finds arrive! Yay!

First, this in lovely condition Lapin Ficelle/ Bunny string holder from France. I was doing my usual searches and was in shock to find it still available on IG!! What?!! Yup, a really sweet seller Broc and Sisters, had this adorable piece still up for grabs. I had to read the post twice to be sure, and just in case, I was dreaming, I DMed them, and sure enough it was still available... Yessss!
 So, I snatched it up. It arrived safely, and well packed to me Monday. It even came with its original scissors? I'm guessing. There are some manufacturer imperfections on his ear and left eyebrow, but otherwise beautiful.
 Now, to decide if I should let him go or not... ugh. If I do I will announce here or via IG that I've listed him? or not. LOL

Second, these adorable pink Madame Alexander doll ballet shoes. I saw them and had them on my watch list through ebay for a few weeks now. I finally, caved and got them. They really look adorable and much more realistic for doll ballet shoes.
 They are much too large for Barbie or any 1/6 size doll. So, maybe my Large Jenny might fit them? or Miss Take? Not sure. I will have to dig her out to find out...
 For now, they will be displayed on my end table. So, adorable and I love the coloring too. When I was a little girl, I always wanted to dance ballet, but because of my condition. I never bothered. Maybe in another life... One can dream.

 Then, I bought myself another custom Raglans in pink and this time I had a blue bunny printed on it. I just loved my blue one, so why not in pink! They will definitely get a lot of wear too.
 I also had one custom made in a "Tahiti Blue" Raglan shirt. It's Medium in adult and I've already listed it in my etsy shop! I may try other colors later on.

 At our Sunday lunch gathering our Aunt had just gotten back from her yearly visit to her daughter in Okinawa. She brought us back some goodies to try too! These "Year of the Dog" themed cookies, and Gudetama cookies too!
 The Gudetama cookies are flaky and so light and crunchy, it has a vanilla cream in between two waffle type cookies. The themed cookies are like really rich in flavor "Butter" cookies. They just melt in your mouth. Oh my goodness. It's dangerous to have them beside you! LOL
Jenny, even gave us this neat, "Oh Sushi" game, or I'm thinking a type of Sushi Jenga. If you know what Jenga is? We can't wait to try it for our family game night!

Last, I saw during the Christmas break a fellow collectors cute video of her talking ornaments. I finally got brave enough to ask her about how she created it. She sent me the info. and I'm so glad she did!!

What do you think? It was fun to create, and just what I need to promote my goods!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, January 5, 2018

Starting the Year Off...

We had a New Year's gathering, so I ended up really tired on New Year's day. LOL But, the good kind of exhausted. I hope your year is going just as good.

On New Year's Day, the girls wanted to go shopping. We had been holding onto our Christmas money to spend after New Year's had passed. So, we went to Toys R Us, Kmart and of course Ross. Sara found some more My Little Ponies she collects, Taby found clothes, and I decided to get one of the Lil' Sister LOL Surprise balls. One of our guest tenants, had taken her daughter to ToyRUs looking for the larger version and found it for cheap there.
 I had seen these dolls advertised and wanted to know what all the hub-bub was about. Something like a gatcha toy, LOL balls are basically, 7 surprises in one. As you slowly pull or tear off the wrapping, it reveals a surprise. First, was a slip of paper with a kind of "Message" of what your Lil' doll is going to be, Second, was another paper, telling you a hint about her. Third, was her shoes, Fourth, her bottle or in this case a coffee cup. Fifth, was the doll's glasses or hair accessory, and Sixth the doll's dress, and Seventh was the doll character herself.
 Pretty cute, fun and definitely a lot of surprises. This one was, from the Glam Club, her name is "Doll Face". How appropriate!
 She's got huge eyes, and chubby little legs, arms, and tummy. Taby says she is supposed to either cry, pee, and drink the water you put into her sippy cup. I didn't want to try it. Her ball is also her carry case. Neat! All, the wrapping piled up as I took each off. Lots of waste here.

But, adorable nonetheless! I think my fave is the one that is called "Curious QT". I will have to find her via ebay, for an already opened one. I don't think I want to spend $15 a pop to open others just to find her...
 Then, this cutie came in. I won her via Yahoo Japan, a vintage pendant of Miyako Maki anime retro girl. Sadly, the top part of the pendant is broken off. I may make it into a brooch or pin... later on. I fell in love with the art. Just love me some shoujo anime or josei girls. Then, I also Binned a cute vintage Madame Alexander doll white apron. I was thinking to make one for my blue bunny. But, loved this vintage version instead.

 I took a shelfie of the top of my new display cabinet...
 I reorganized and was able to add my gayware spice set in the display too! So happy with all the room to move and add things into the case. Yessss!
 I also have these available if anyone is interested. I posted the memo's via IG. You can also email me! Mcdonald's child's toy Fujiya memo's unused, and a vintage unused girls thermos. Which I've already listed in my etsy shop.

 We stopped by the Goody Store by Oka Payless and I found these milk chocolate snacks by Glico. They reminded me of those Tsutsum Disney characters. How adorable!

 I spy, Ariel, Alice, Mickey, etc.
 I also picked up this shelf caddie, for my display case. I wanted to raise up some of my collection so that you can see the one's behind the one's in front.
 Basically, you just pull out the legs and the shelf is pretty sturdy, then add some of the items on top, leaving space to visually see the other items in the back.
I may need to get more! Now, you can see the other cuties hiding behind the small ones in the front!

It's been a nice transition into the year... I haven't been doing too many purchases. So, what you see in my shop will be the stock for now. Please visit my shop too. I've lowered many other items to get the stock moving.

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls