Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cute Squeakies!

I've seen these very cute squeak toys before... I won this lot through Yahoo Japan. They do look a bit dingy and needing a thorough cleaning.

 I washed and cleaned them as best I could. Sadly, I couldn't remove the dirt stains. Their squeakers still work, and they are still so cute. I've already added them into my shop!
 This cutie is named, "Pinky", made by IWAI Co. she has the stamp on her foot and the year too, 1973. She is supposed to have a partner named, "Mac", a yellow bear wearing a green dress. Sadly, she didn't come with her. Pinky's arms and head can move. Singing Karoke perhaps, with her mic, she is singing a song to you.

These three cuties, a bear, cat, and a bunny are complete. Also, made by IWAI Co. Japan. There is no year on them. Just adorable, the yellow bear is holding a train, the white bunny is holding her dolly, and the silly pink cat is quite unique, doing a hand stand.
 All of their heads can move left or right. These guys will be so cute on a shelf filled with squeakies.
Find them in my shop on etsy! I'm still going through much of my collection and will hopefully get around to listing other rare items soon. Thank you so much for your patience!

~ ggsdolls

Saturday, March 18, 2017

It's Been A Bit Since My Last Post...

It's been a somewhat busy week and not much moving as far as receiving mail. So, I've been trying to focus on other things...

Like taking in the beautiful early morning sky after my youngest daughter gets picked up from the bus. It's been dry mostly this week, and we've been blessed with beautiful sunrises on this side of the island with amazing views of the sunsets in the evening. I think no matter where you are in the world, if you just stop from the hustle of daily life, and take in your surroundings... Like the smell, and see, not just look or feel where you are, and what you are doing in that moment. Then, you can say thank you to "God" or whomever your beliefs are in, and be "Thankful", truly thankful for the good things you have in your life.
 Oops, sorry for being deep there. Ha.

Continuing on... I did have some errands to do uptown and made sure to try out the McDonald's Shamrock Shake. Every year they have them, and honestly, I've only tried it this time! LOL. Not bad, I think the Frappe' is better, but that's me. It's an interesting flavor of mint, not strong minty-ness. But, refreshing. Sara had to rest. I'm glad she liked it.

I'm going through my collection slowly and listing many items that I have, that will be now available to you. I'm trying to minimize my collection and keep the things I find, for sale in my shop. Rather than looking for things for myself. But, the funny thing is, when you find things you like, you find that most of those things, others like just as much as you do! Haha. It's all good, I just have to tell myself, "I want others to enjoy them." Though it's true some of the things I do have I just can't seem to let go just yet... Anyhow, keep an eye on my shop or website list. They may just show up?!

By Friday, I received this Froebel-Kan vintage children board book titled, "Mothers and Babies." I was contacted recently, to help a customer find two certain books from the series. Prior to her contacting me, I already had a few books on order that came in, like this one via ebay. I am still awaiting a few others.
 It was actually Gretchen M. of Shop66, that introduced me to these amazing books. Not only are they quirky, and cool, they have amazing vintage dollies and toys of yesterday! If you have any of these books, they have kewpies, squeak baby dolls, stuffed plushies! Nice to see what they all looked like mint.
 Look at these roly polies! I've seen the duck one often through my searches.
 This book, in particular has many vintage dolls and toys, so cool.

Then, I decided to take a shelfie pic...
 Love the colors on my dresser. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Happy Mail for Saturday!

Some amazing goodies have arrived! Yay! Here's what came in...

 A traded cutie, another board book for my collection, a few items from Yahoo Japan! First, I received a children board book from etsy. By Froebel Kan, titled, "Off for a Ride." The book has a few vintage items I've come across through searches on Yahoo Japan.
 Look, its Chika-chan with her cute doggie! Even some crafting dollies I've seen on etsy! LOL

This unopened vintage squeak toy set with Kewpie doll will be added to the shop soon!
 Yes, I opened it. Cleaned them up and they will be in the shop later!
 Adorable squeeze toy bear, love his starry eyes too! Nice and minty and still squeaks.
 This cute kewpie also nice and minty. I will list each separately in my shop.

I also, won this doll fashion set for a 55cm or 21 inch tall dolly. Hhm, I wonder who I should dress up in this one?! Jenny, Yui, decisions, decisions. Ha.

This adorable cutie I won for a customer using my Finder's Service! She is on her way to her new home Monday! These amazing handmade needle felt cuties are just adorable!

Last, my trade with the truly amazingly talented Taylor or wildgravity on IG. She adopted my tan boy with the nude bottom for her Miss Cutie Pie cup! Yay, I've been wanting at least one Miss Cutie Pie, and now I do! Thank you Taylor for all the extras too dear!

 She is a welcome sight to my collection! Please check my shop, I am slowly listing many rare items from my collection up for grabs... Time to lessen my hoard! Teehee.

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, March 10, 2017

Darn Cute Shevie Dolls!

I haven't really collected a particular doll for some time called, "Shevie Dolls" or squeak baby dolls. Until recently, I told myself to at least get one. There's a unique baby I wanted, she is more like a reproduction and has a different expression from the other Shevie dolls. I able to acquire one thanks to my dear friend Shevie! LOL the original collector of these wonderfully cute dolls. You can see my post here.

Fast forward to now, another dear friend Christine, shared that a seller from France discovered a Lot of Shevie dolls and in mint condition! At first, I was like, "Oh, that nice." The temptation was too much, so I caved and got two. Mind you, the seller was selling them at really amazingly cheap price?! These dolls generally go for at least about $40 and up... So, I got two. Teehee!

They arrived to me safely from France via Etsy!
 The seller had four types of prints. They needs a bit of a wipe down, but otherwise, they are mint.
 They still squeak too. These are a bit larger, then the one's I normally get, each doll is about 8.5 inches. They have their original sticker tag on the back, "made in China".

 My three Shevie babies below.

 I was able to snag this cute big eyed art print by Guelle, also from etsy shop by a fellow collector here.
 In lovely condition, I love her eyes and mouth. Original sticker below. She will be a great addition to my wall of vintage art!

I've seen this cutie often, especially through my searches via ebay for rubber toys. I got this vintage honey pot bear squeeze toy, in blue. There are two other colors offered, yellow and pink. The seller said she was closing her ebay shop. Luckily, I snagged one when I did. Now, wishing I had gotten pink and yellow. LOL
 I've seen his sweet face used in a fellow collector's shop photos as a prop for her merchandise. He is just adorable and bright in color. He also smells of baby powder. No markings and he stands about 5 inches tall.
Dubbed as vintage, but he looks to be a reproduction, possibly? No matter, he will be nicely displayed on my dresser.

***I've decided to let go some of the rare items from my collection... So, be on the look out through my shop or website for what's available. I will list them later today!?***

Thank you so much for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Details About My French Posedoll...

I wanted to share with you a bit more about a unique doll, that I've mostly found through Yahoo Japan auctions. I have not seen them elsewhere. The first time I came across one, was back in 2009! You can read about it, here in my Livejournal post. Then, I found a second one in 2011, here. These are simply beautifully made dolls, especially their faces.

 Mid last year, 2016, there was one up for auction, also a child doll, but sadly, she ended at a really high price. The one from the other day, I won in a Lot. I cleaned her up a bit today, and she looks better. I still have to figure out how to remove the stains without damaging her face paint...

 I started with trying to wipe her hair clean, it was not as productive as I had hoped... Definitely caked on dust and it was hard to try to clean the hair. I took off her dress, underneath she wore a satin top, and panties.
 I removed her ribbons to clean them as well. She has sewn on shoes that match her dress. Her arms hang loosely from the silk top, and her legs can be positioned to sit or stand. Sadly, one leg is shorter, so she can't stand alone. Darn. She has big eyes with eyelashes.

 She is quite huge, much larger than the Sakura doll she came with, about 25 inches long!
 She reminds me of those 1950s little girls.  Once I figure out how to remove the spots on her skin, she will look much better. I also need to figure out how to curl her ponytails?

Another look with the cute yellow doggy. Taby and Sara were a bit scared by her! LOL She will live with me for a while. Teehee ^_~

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Vintage Finds Arrive This Week!

Here's what came in the past few days...

 This adorable vintage lamb I found through ebay. Quite unique I must say, and she is nice and perfect. I will add her to the shop soon...

 She is made in Japan and still has her sticker, probably around 1960s.

This vintage cutie, I also received from ebay. I just couldn't resist his face and color, Yellow! He had a Buy It Now, feature. So I did. He just needed a bit of touching up on his face paint and cleaning up too.
 Those floppy ears and those cheeks! Haha.
 I cleaned him up and added some high lights in his hair. Then, touched up his nose, eyes, and mouth. Trimmed the excess fur that was matted around his body, and gave him a blue bow!
 You can see the slight differences. I also added some blush. I may just have to keep this cutie?! I also may need to add some freckles. Hhm.

From Yahoo Japan, I got all these rare vintage finds! A Lot of 2 large pose dolls, a Lot of 3 ceramic coin banks, another Rune Naito Rabbit Bank, and an Okura toy accessory set! So many unique goodies. Yay!
 This lovely Rune Naito Bunny coin bank is the third one I've found. In excellent condition and with her original ribbon. Sadly, no bidders. What?! I don't know why? I will need to decide, since selling my other two bunnies, I'm very tempted to keep this cutie! I have replaced her rubber stopper since it was missing.

 I love this vintage Okura toy accessory set, still mint in package too. For my collection. It will be hard to resist opening it! Ugh.

The second best purchase was this lot of ceramic coin banks... There was a dog with phone, Rune Naito yellow bunny, and a sitting kitty.  A few bidders, but I was able to get the lot for a nice price. Yay!
 The dog and phone coin bank is missing its stopper. I will be adding it to the shop. You can find replacement stoppers through etsy too.
 This cute sitting kitty, I will add to my collection for now... Just to sweet. Not a coin bank, but she will be a nice addition to my collection and I don't recall seeing one before?!
This amazing yellow Rune bunny will be added to the shop. Also, missing her stopper, she is in perfect condition, even has her original ribbon. Nice, bright, and I haven't seen a yellow one before...

 I won this Lot of two very large posedolls. One still has her original tag, "Sakura Doll". The other is similar to what is called, a French posedoll.
 The doll in the dark green dress is larger than the one in red dress. Sorry no comparison photo. I will need to clean her up. She will be added to my collection. I used to own a Princess in a hot pink dress of similar make. This type is able to sit on top of a shelf. Legs and arms are movable in both dolls.
 This large posey will be added to the shop soon. Her dress is lovely and they both have panties underneath. Who could resist this sweet face!

Lots of work ahead for me. I hope to list some items later today or tomorrow?!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls