Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Mail for Early July...

The past week, many lovely online finds have come in and here they are...

Above, I found a lovely vintage Ideal Tinkle Chime Rubber Face Lamby, with original tag, some Target deer ornaments, a cute retro print dress, a Lot of Misusa appliques, just to name a few!!
The lot of felt appliques have already been added to my Etsy shop this past week. I will keep two. Rest are up for grabs. So cute and a lovely applique to any vintage purse, bag, blouse or jeans!! The ideal 1950s tinkle chime lamb is in great condition and still has its tags. You can rock him back or forth and he has that roly poly doll chimes sound in him. Just cute!! I didn't know Ideal made them!! She is already listed in my Etsy shop.

Adorable glass eyed vintage pink sad bear with blue nose!! I couldn't resist getting him to add to my shop. He's little and who wouldn't want to rescue him. Sad face bear with unique blue nose!! He has felt ears in teal and I added a blue satin bow to him. He is also added to my Etsy shop now.

Then, I found this lovely retro made sprinkle jar, with fake round sprinkles. I will use this for a scenic pic with my dolls. I remember these type of sprinkles as a kid. They were yummy too! It's so cute and nostalgic fun too! The pastel colored beads in the baggy, I'm going to use on a key chain! Next, I found this rare vintage 50s rubber face plush bear purse from Japan shopping site. I've always wanted one, and his condition wasn't great, but I love his coloring. Sweet face for sure! He has a zipper at the back so you can put your wallet, keys and go. Just adorable. I will be keeping him!

Also, through Etsy I found this lovely vintage Lucite Daisy dry flower brooch, made in Japan. I have been looking for this type of brooch since seeing the very same type on a Japanese manga ad below!! I knew that one day I might find one, and here it is!! Still has its original Japan sticker too!

Speaking of ads, I finally found a Chubby Tubby ad on Ebay and bought it!! I've always wanted one, just for the cute illustrations of all the cute Tubby bears with wings. I've seen these cupid tubby bears, and one day I hope I can find one! A cute piece of vintage Rushton history!! Now, I just need to frame it. Next, I was looking for some cute pins to put in my Fawn pin cushion and found these lovely celluloid Japan tulip pins on Etsy. I bought two colors, yellow and pink. They are a great addition to my fawn pin cushion too, don't you think?!

Last, these amazing Heiko Nostalgic wrapping paper gatcha pouches from Japan!! After seeing a fellow Japanese collector share her pouches on instagram, made me want to get a set too! I was able to find a seller online I could buy a set from. I remember the strawberry bag print, the fruit print, and the toys print. We had a shop that sold Japan Sanrio toys, etc. exclusively on Guam, named, "Julie's" late 70s and early 80s. The shop was situated, where the Nanbo Insurance complex is now. Then, late 80s, Julie's moved into the Agana Shopping Center, and rename itself, for the life of me, I can't recall?! I'll have to add it later into this post, when I do. LOL Anywho, Lita and I used to go there to just browse through all the Sanrio stuff and all the US dolls and toys in the 80s. When we bought something, they use to put our purchases into the toy bag wrapper, even if it was just candies. Ahhh, the memories!! You don't get that kind of personal touch any more...

Happy 4th of July in the US!! I hope you all have a great weekend, and stay safe!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Upcycling Fun!!

If you recall, I got a ceramic Lapin couple set here in this post. I was waiting for some cute things to arrive that I needed to make the girl bunny complete... It finally did!
I searched and found these vintage chenille mini bees on Etsy. Sadly, on 3 were left, but that works for me. I got two in blue and one in red. I immediately, glued the blue bee onto the little hole on the girl bunny's ear. Sure enough, the bee sat nicely and look at how adorable she is! I've seen these chenille bees on other figurines from Japan, like a Rune Bunny. They definitely finish her look, while holding a flower in her paws. Looks like a little bee wants to taste it! I listed the girl bun on my Etsy shop today at 12pm, Guam time and she sold in 7 minutes!! The boy bunny is reserved for a dear friend.
Those googly eyes are just the bees knees to me! Haha Don't you love Chenille dolls, animals and such!! I do! Especially those made in Japan, they are just intricate to me.

Next, I also received this mint in package, vintage Darice felt dolly craft head with yarn hair. I have plans for this beauty!! I love her eyes and cute hairstyle. She will make a very nice wall plaque, don't you think?! I began working on her today. If you look further below in my post, you can see how she turned out. I used blue satin fabric, and the same heart wood plaque I made this cute puppy into, here, in this post!
I then, added red and white gingham ribbon to hang it up with, and white glitter lace ribbon as a collar for her. I also decided to use some of those shiny pastel colored lettering from the Goody Store, along with some cabochon cabs in an ice cream soda and a hot pink bow! I may add something else, not sure what yet... Hhm...

Ohh, maybe she needs some pink tulle?!! I'll have to update this post, if I add that to her. Be sure to check back later if I do?! Haha. Last, I found this cute little toy pincher Bambi plush on Etsy, and all the way from Netherlands! It took him a little over a month, but he was worth the wait! He didn't have a tail or white spots on his back... So, I added them! I basically, took a vintage puff ball in white, glued it on, then painted it brown and nude tones. Then took some white paint, and added spots to his fur. He really looks like Bambi to me now. One of the reasons, I had to have him!!
Keep on creating, stay safe, and stay well everyone!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Okay, so I added the tulle and I think it looks better! What do you think?