Thursday, August 16, 2018

Recent Finds And First FuzBear To Be Listed!!

Here's what came in the past few days...
I bought some fake candy beads from Etsy. Love these swirly pastel colors. I tried to find the Japanese style fake candies, but sadly they sold out. Darn. Still aren't these cute. I hope to use them as props too!
 Then, last week, via instagram, I was doing my usual search through sales there and saw this cutie up for grabs. I made sure to keep track of the time and sure enough, I was able to snatch this cutie!! I was in shock, literally!! I was sure, as with all the other times I try to buy stuff on there, I get beat on posting, "SOLD". So, when I saw, I was the only one saying, "Me"... I was pinching myself, wait, what? Really?! LOL
 She is small, and I just love her face. She sort of reminds of the Brinnco Lambs. Marked, with her original sticker, "Inarco" and a sticker that says, "Mary". A previous owner perhaps. She will be added to my collection.
 Took a photo of my stuffed animals thus far. Two, are my FuzBears, and two were made by someone else. Then, my one and only Rushton bunny.
 I added this cutie to my shop!
I'm hoping to either do an auction for this cutie via instagram or just list her in my etsy shop...
So be sure to look out for an announcement coming soon!!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, August 13, 2018

Small FuzBear Creation!

My first two FuzBears here. I decided to shrink the pattern down about 75 percent and made a 12 inch version of my FuzBear Panda!! I cut out the pattern and then made sure I had enough faux fur to cut from and sure enough I did! Yippee! I started on the head as always and checked to see if the rubber panda face could still fit in that size. Too my surprise it did! I continued to sew and worked my way through the arms and legs. By Saturday evening, I had to stop and continue working in the morning. By 1pm on Sunday, I had completed the little guy! Whew!
I placed him next too the first panda I made, and now I have a small and a large version, still using the same size rubber face! Awesome! Here is what the cutie looks like, and next to her big brother!

 Then, I received a cute pink and white Rushton? type bear from ebay. He is a lot rounder then most and has no tag. Stands about 12 inches tall. I wiped him up and added a cute bow. I may altar his body. Because of his 'roundness', he doesn't sit up well. LOL

Look at that sweet face! Just love him to bits!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, August 10, 2018

New FuzBear Panda Plush!

Finally, I was able to finish my FuzBear Panda, whew! The next one I make will have to be colorful. Because sadly, it is hard to get white mohair, since my supplier is always running out. Darn!

Here is my first FuzBear, and when I started work on this guy, here. It took that long for the fabric to arrive to me. I will have to find other sources... On to this sweetheart!!

 Panda FuzBear stands about 15 inches tall sitting. Yup, he's big. Has a vintage rubber panda face similar to those cute Rushton stuffed animals. Mongolian faux fur 3" long pile, in black and white. Original "ggsdolls Creations" tag, and a bow.

 Side by side with my first FuzBear. What do you think? Taby thinks he's so fluffy and noticed that his fur is longer than my pink FuzBear. They are both 3" long pile, I told her... Haha.

I hope to make two more, from the three rubber faces I got. Now, if only I can find more... LOL

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

Thursday, August 9, 2018

More Creations!!

I recently finished another cute mini bear, this time a panda!
I wanted to see if I could make one, and the only difference was adding the dark circles on the eyes, and of course mapping out the colors. He turned out so cute and sweet. I've already added him to my shop! I hope to make more and in more colors soon!

 I bought this cutie via IG, and the sweet fellow collector friend also added a few vintage goodies as a gift! Awww, thank you dear!! He is a vintage squeak bear made in Japan. He is small about 9" tall. I was expecting him to be larger. Still he has movable arms and legs so you can sit him in a pose or stand him up. Sadly, his squeaker doesn't work, but still has original tag with "made in Japan" at the back and the tag on front. He will be added to my growing plush collection!

 Last is this cutie, I found her via Ebay! She was having a bad hair day, so I put it into a bun, and touched up her bathing suit along with her eyes. She sits at about 3 inches tall. I've seen other like her before, most are very worn on their paint. So it was nice to find this one in the condition it is. A bit shocking actually. Haha. She still has her original sticker, "Napco", "C-7969".

I took a pic of her beside my teeny tiny figurine girl, just to show comparison of the two. Both beach babes. LOL

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Teenie Tiny Figurine!

I recently found, literally, the smallest figurine in my collection!! I've seen many miniature ceramic figurines from Japan, but this one, just takes the cake!!
 I found her just last week via etsy. I had her in my faves for a few days, then caved and bought her and when she arrived, I must say she is totally worth it!! She came in a First Class envelope and I was sure she was crushed, or chipped... But, to my surprise, the seller had shipped her in a tiny Tupperware. I mean this Tupperware was tiny?! I didn't expect her to be even tinier?! Haha. Upon inspection, she stands about 1 3/4 inches tall, has long blonde hair, and only wearing her undies. Her eyes are fully black with no irises painted on. Which make them seem to look deep into your soul or seem soul-less. A bit scary, but I love it! She has her original stamp, "made in Japan" and the numbers, "229" underneath.

 I think she is like an imp or pixie perhaps? If any one has more info. I'd love to know? I've seen something similar to her before, but I'm not sure, since I don't keep reference photos much anymore. I did add a black bow on her head. Her hair reminds me of the style of the late 1960s. She's quite unique and will live amongst my other unique curiosities... We went outside for a quick photo shoot before it got dark!

 Just a quick pic of my little bear asleep... Then, I made another retro mini bear. I hope to make a few more to add to my shop soon!

 I will try to make a panda too...

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls