Friday, April 19, 2019

Unique Chalkware Find!

I recently found this unique Chalkware wall pocket girl, via ebay. She caught my eye as I was searching for goodies. When she arrived, she was just the smallest thing ever! About 2.5 inches.
Tucked away in bubble wrap in a little white box, the seller had her well protected, even though she was in a padded envelope. I carefully took her out, and she was very pale. She also was very worn on the edges and needing a touch up. Well, at least in my opinion. She reminded me a lot of those bisque dolls from China, Germany or Japan. I believe they are called, "Frozen Charlotte". Not too sure, but I've seen them often on auctions. No markings any where. But her eyes are so vivid and make you wonder what she was looking at. She may be 1930s or earlier.

 I decided to touch up her paint a bit. I added more yellow to her top, and white on the buttons of her blouse. I also, touched up her lips, and added blush to her cheeks and face. Afterwards, I sealed with a gloss finish. She's just adorable and I'm having a hard time letting her go... So, she will live with me for a bit longer.
Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sweater Kitty!!

Oh my, I recently acquired this lovely sweater kitty vintage from Thailand, but made in Japan. He arrived safely, and there are so many ideas that I had upon receiving him...
As you can see, he is also wearing a hat. I was planning to remove the sweater and hat and fur him up! But, when he arrived, he just needed a wipe down and he was absolutely perfect. His hat, his tie, his sweater. I just couldn't bring myself to removing any of it. I placed him beside my other two sweater animals, but he just seemed out of place and too small next to my ginormous sweater cat and dog! Just see the pic later in the post... So, instead, I decided to check a friend who is always in search of sweater animals and asked her if she was interested, and as luck would have it, my sweater kitty matched hers! Ha. Serendipitous! So, he was adopted. I do love sweater animal figurines don't get me wrong... but, soon it will be time for me to let mine go too. Just a heads up!

 Then, while doing my usual searches for plushies, I found this cutie via Ebay. He had a Buy it Now option and I did just that. His ears can be replaced, but I might just leave him be. I've sold a blue with pink ears version through my shop before. This one still has his tag. He's a small guy and I love them small, mostly because they can fit inside my cabinet easily. So for now, I will keep him. His bow is stiff, but I love the deep blue color.
It's Easter Break this week! Hope you all are having a great Holy Week until Easter!

Thank you and please visit again soon! ~ ggsdolls

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Adochan Figurine and More...

I was in search of a new Adochan girly figurine for a friend, and sure enough I was able to find one! She arrived safely after much work securing a purchase. I know my fellow collector friend will love her! Here is what she looks like...

 Adochan Doll is a figurine based on the sexy ladies of the 1960s. This Adochan is in her bikini and is attached to a ball and chain. Poor Adochan, she is apparently a slave to her marriage maybe? Haha, the irony of being a wife perhaps, back in the 60s? She is made of ceramic and has the gold tone chain attached to the bowling ball and then her ankle. There is a sticker on her thigh and reads in English/Japanese, "Adochan Doll". She has purple hair and is quite rare outside of Japan in this minty condition with her original box.

 I was also able to find a few more Bandai Everyone's House miniature furniture pieces. This time, the swing, and a full size bed. I love the color of the sheet on the bed too! A part of my collection. Next, from Chocoholic Japan, I found this lovely baby blue and white tin spice canister. I will add it to my shop soon! I love the design of the lid. Great to decorate your kitchen counter too!

 Also, I found this lovely white KIC vintage Japan Kappa or Duck face girl nude with flower, through Yahoo Japan. I found her to be very interesting and lovely too! She is made of ceramic or chalkware, I believe. Wearing a flower in her long hair, she is nude and is holding a white flower in her hands. She has her original sticker, "KIC Japan". I may keep her just a bit... Then, this lovely yellow "Kato Kogei" balloon with letter coin bank. My dear sis, Blaire had it up for sale on her IG, and I couldn't resist getting it. She also included a lot of cute things just for me. A belated bday gift. Thank you Blaire!!

 Back, to this balloon, wall pocket, is actually a coin bank. It says in Japanese, "I must surely get it!" Just too cute for words. It's definitely another unique find that is for sure! Along with the balloon coin bank, was a surprise with a cute vintage girl with balloons! I love the vtg kitsch goodies that lurked inside. So many cute things...

 There were sharpie markers that were new to me, rose picks, photo frames, stickers, a dolly still mint in package, the cutest pink bow pencil case, Japanese paper lanterns, vtg birthday cards, bunnies, magnets, puffy stickers, and more!! I was giving some of the cute notes and stickers to Sara, she just kept asking for them! Haha. Just lovely and thank you dear Blaire again so much for my belated bday gift. You really didn't have too dear, but I'm happy to receive!

 It has been a worrisome week for me. I had to take my father to the Emergency Room on Monday. Because, he has had a cold for a little over 2 weeks, he had a fever that afternoon, and wasn't eating much. Luckily, the tests they ran on him came back negative for strep and his lungs were clear. Whew. He is at home resting, but we need to do a follow up.

It's almost Easter Break, hope you all are getting ready for it.

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls