Sunday, October 25, 2020

Found More Iwai Dolls!!

 Back in February 2016, I acquired these lovely vintage Iwai Co. Twiggy type mod dolls from a fellow collector in Italy. My original post here. They are marked 1972, Iwai Co. Ltd. made in Japan. I have long hoped to find the first doll I saw up for auction back in 2015, that I lost on Yahoo Japan. Fast forward to 2020, and sure enough, while doing my usual searches via Ebay... I did just that!

Acquired from California, the seller had them listed as Long Legged Mod dolls, no other information. I asked her if she could share how she came to find them. She said, she gotten them from a garage sale, and when she asked the owners where they got them, they simply shrugged their shoulders. But, the seller knew they were unusual and bought them to resell, and I'm so glad she did. When I saw them, I was in shock and made an offer right away. After the initial shock, I told myself to stay focused and wait for the seller's response. After a few hours, she accepted and they arrived to me safe and sound. I was thrilled when I opened the box... Because, I was afraid it was not true, and this was all just a dream! Nose twitch insert here. LOL

 The brown fashioned gal/Twiggy, is the one I have been searching, all this time for. She is in lovely condition with her original stand. She sports a yellow hat, with a red and yellow sweater top, under a brown jacket, and flaired matching bell-bottom shorts. Her green thigh high socks have green four-leaf clovers on the side of each sock, with a pair of brown Loafer shoes. She just needed a bit of touch ups to her paint. But otherwise gorgeous!

The blonde wavy haired gal/Marcia, I have only seen in black hair, and black sweater top with pink bell-bottoms. So, to get her in blonde, was a dream come true as well!! She wears a lovely sweater multi-colored sweater top, that reminds me of those YSL "Mondrian" style fashions, properly paired with white bell-bottom pants, and light brown boots. Also with her original stand, sadly I needed to fix the stand because it was cracked at the base, where the shoe is being held in place. She is still stunning and I'm just thrilled to have her in my collection too!

Here they are side by side with the other ladies in my collection...

Similar stances, just different colors and look, Marcia just has a sweater top, but the black haired gal/Cynthia has a long necklace painted onto her sweater top. Definitely creates a different look to each lady. My short haired gals/Twiggy and red hat/Amy, have the same molded on styles, just different colors again. I wonder what the Amy's sock color was? I don't think I've ever seen her other then the one here... Hmmm? Oh wait, I think I may have, they were white with brown shoes, I believe?! Haha, brain blast!

All my gals together... Cynthia, Marcia, Amy, and Twiggy!

A bunch of stylish ladies from 1972!!

Have a safe and well weekend my friends!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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