Sunday, October 11, 2020

Toei Animation Festival Photos!!

 I recently was lucky enough to happen upon an auction for Toei's Animation of The Little Mermaid. I was able to bid and win the auction, and the rare items arrived to me via DHL yesterday. Upon inspection, these are Toei Animation Festival Theatre black and white photo prints that were released during the actual movie event opening, back in 1975 in Japan, according to the seller. A collector decided to let go his copies of the photos. In the Lot, there are a total of 6 photos. One 8x10 and five 4x6 prints.

These are amazing and for them to be original prints from that time frame, even more so. I will keep one or two and list the rest for sale in my Etsy shop. Truly a piece of animation history! Next, I found this Hi Fashion Lina via my usual website. Sadly, she needed major cleaning, etc. Thus, why I got her. These days Lina goes for a lot more then I recall, from back in my early collecting days. I have since sold off many of my Lina dolls, but I figured, I could restore this one and maybe resell...

She had really dirty dingy hair, and dust covered arms and body. When I removed her panty and stockings, the elastic had left markings because it fuzed with her skin. Sadly, one of the stockings ripped as I was removing it from her body. Ugh. I first, shampooed her hair and washed her body. Afterwards, I used magic eraser to clean up the areas with markings or stains. Her pearl necklace was used as a hair tie, when I took it off, that broke too. Ugh. But, I saved it and fixed it. In the end, she turned out nicely. I styled her hair in banana curls, and she has a natural part to one side. Lovely full brown hair too. Sadly, she doesn't have any shoes, so I will have to locate some. I dressed her for now in a borrowed fashion below, only the necklace is original to her...

Now, I recall why I fell in love with her and wrote a reference book! Haha! Below, her black dress, when I took it off her, it was already bit faded from black. I had to resew on her pearl brooch, because it was hanging by a thread. Along with her original stockings shown. In the same box as the Mermaid prints, I got three tin Chocoholic retro coasters, with fancy deer and flowers. I will keep these for now. The tin is rusting, but still cute!

Finally, as I mentioned in my last post, I was going to add bodies to my Bag Tag plushies, and so I worked on my cute kitty plush. I gave her a pink and black roly poly body! She also has a bendable tail!! I added chenille wire and made it so that her tail can be posed. No feet for her, as she can still be hung. She is still a rattle, and I think the colors are lovely on her. I've already updated my Etsy listing. She stands now, at 7 inches tall. I love her cute face!
Thank you again for looking! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Ooooh, Lina! I love her and never found one. I have your book and have worn it out looking at the pictures. Wonderful doll, full of personality! <3<3<3

    1. Hi dear Steph, aww, thank you so much. It has been awhile since I found one. They are getting more and more rare these days, unfortunately. Sending you many hugs from Guam, Gigi