Saturday, October 10, 2020

Making a Body...

 If you recall I made a body for my cute blue and pink bear plush here... Well, many were asking was he for sale, at the time he wasn't. Then, I decided to let him go. He sold on Etsy, in one minute!! I had a few people asking about him on IG. Honestly, I was going to keep him. But, in the end, I would rather him be loved and spoiled. So, I decided to make bodies for all of my bag tags too. I began working on the Rooster first!

I decided on a roly poly body, using felt. I like how my clown bear turned out last time, and made the rooster a similar type. I added cardboard on his feet. So, this could allow him to be stable if displayed on a table or dresser. He has the same fur on her wings and I also added some red and white dotted ruffles under his neck. He still rattles too! I have updated his listing in my Etsy shop. Now, for me to work on the kitty next!!

I got these cute bag tag stickers from my local Goody. They will be nice to decorate with, on my cute plushies. I also received two boxes from DHL, a doll is in one of them, not shown, I'll update later after she's been cleaned up. The other with two items a Lot of vintage wrapping paper, ribbons, and other bits and pieces. My fave is the ribbon!! I've been wanting to find vintage ribbon for replacements on some of the ceramics I find, that have their ribbons tattered and torn. These will come in handy when I am restoring them. Yay!

Last, in the box were these amazing nesting blocks with original box and clock! In lovely condition, I have a similar set, so these will be added to my shop soon! I love the vintage graphics, probably around the 1950s. You can move the hands on the clock to help learn time. There are cute little dice that go on the inside of the last nesting block! How fun!!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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