Saturday, January 9, 2021

Updates on GE Cabinet and More...

Okay, I started to work on the sliding doors for my Little Miss GE cabinet. Posted here. I basically, decided that I couldn't wait to find, and order online, a set of reeded glass sliding doors, to match the styling of the same era. So, I took an old plastic accordion folder that my hubby didn't want any more, and cut out the front flap that had holes on it. Perfect for the hand held sliding door look. It was frosted, had a pattern on the plastic, and its look was just right for what I wanted. As you can see below. Now, to place some tiny little plates inside it! LOL I am very happy with how it turned out too!


Next, I received, this lovely vintage Rushton yellow and white plush kitty!!! She arrived from Japan. I was able to get my friend to help me acquire her, and ship via DHL. She got to me so fast too, it was like two days tops!! This Rushton kitty still has her original tag, and satin bow with forget me knots. I was amazed by her beauty and her face is a lot softer, then the other cats I've found, like Smiley here. She has happy eyes, just like 'Happy Bear' also by Rushton Co. I have thought of trading her, and if I do, it would have to be a large 'Happy Bear'!! But, for now, she will live with me and the rest of my Rushton family.

I also received this lovely vintage rubber face Bunka doll from Japan. Another item I got my friend to help me acquire. So lovely and unique she is already listed in my shop! I was surprised by her condition too! She is made like my other Bunka here, with straw in her body and a sound maker. Which sadly, doesn't work any more. Her arms are celluloid, not rubber. She kind of looks more like a Kewpie doll instead.

Last, this lovely vintage 1950s Lady Baltimore suitcase in salmon. A small train case, this is one of the versions I was hoping to find. I don't collect too many suitcases, but this one, just beaconed me to buy it! Haha! Sadly, no keys, it still is lovely inside and out. I will need to see if I can cleaned it up a bit more. It will also be great for scenic shoots with other vintage goodies, and my toys too!

It has been a crazy week as shown from the Capitol, and I am left with no words...

Stay safe everyone.

Thank you for looking. ~ ggsdolls


  1. Omg you are so lucky to find a Rushton Kitty!So far,I didn´t win the auctions for the Zippy and Tippy Rushton Monkeys :( But I did win an auction for a Valentines day Bo Peep!I just cleaned,restuffed her,and now her white fur doesn´t look like it has mud!Congrats to you for finding that kitty Gigi!

    1. Aww, thank you dear! Oh no, I'm sorry to hear. But, I am glad you won a Bo Peep!! I know she is so happy to be with you! Many hugs, Gigi