Be Creative!

If you like being creative...

Then, I wanted to make a page so that it would be easier for you to find my posts of some fun projects, tutorials, etc. that I've used that are online and you can use yourself! Or just to share what I've created! Check em' out below!

Daiso Japan Needle Felting Animal Kit - Bunny

Miniature Manga Books for 1/6 scale or playscale dolls

Paper Doll Room Kit

Origami Lotus Flowers

3D Shadow Box Art

3D Shadow Box Art Part II

Miniature 1/12 scale Terrarium Stool

Stop Motion Animation App

3D Paper Mermaid Kit

Modding a Busou Shinki

Making Anime Character Dolls

Re-Stringing a Celluloid Doll 

Miniature Blinds and Curtains

Easy Way to Help View a Solar Eclipse!

Learn to Flock!

Retro Dolly Pillows

Recreating Vintage Ceramic Red Polka Dot Deer

Upcycling Pin Cushion Chairs

Want to Make a Furry Figurine?

Fun with Daiso Shrink Plastic!

First Attempt at Re-Rooting a Doll

My Handmade FuzBear!